On Critical thinking skills


In my “ Yoga book club” meeting, there was a discussion about how some people get hooked into “off-track” belief systems.
“Don’t they have critical thinking skills? Can’t they see that their belief systems are way out there?”

“Yeah… You either get converted or go to hell forever. You know, it is a shame that otherwise good people can become so black or white in their beliefs.”

Ananda was listening and realized that many times, when we live in the world of information and theory, “the office world” as I like to call it, we believe that Life moves under the same parameters.

The day was windy, the Ocean had many waves going into different directions. A person standing by the shore could use his “critical thinking skills” and come up with the learned conclusion that “it is dangerous to get into the water.”

Another person standing by observed the scene, and due to his experience of swimming in open water, thought: “This is a cup of tea. Easy swim.”

What makes the difference?
Experience. One thing is to talk about the dangers of swimming in choppy waters; another is to actually swim in them. That experience will be different for every individual depending on previous experiences and skill levels.

In the same meeting, the topic of being “detached “ came up.

“One thing is to know that I have to be detached and another is to actually be it,” said one of the participants.

Great insight.
Is it possible to find a “method” for learning detachment in a book? Is it possible to find that solution by imitating a “holy person”? Is it possible to find that solution by critical thinking?

But…. Why??

“Being” appears when we go through the experience itself, it does not appear by sitting in the comfortable couch of a thinker nor by asking for the “holy person in our city” to tell us the secret.
You see, “Being” cannot be transmitted to another. Bottom line.

But… what about all these books that I read about “5 steps for EZ detachment”?
What about all the classes that I attended about how to be detached in Life?
Probably all of those things created an idea in our minds of the thing which we “want to attain,” those things will be part of our necessary experience in Life…but this is not the “office world” where the “I” will work hard to accomplish things, to get ahead… Life does not have objectives, deadlines, time pressures, and such things.

“Being” comes through the experience of Life in a natural way.
“But.. “I” cannot wait… “I” want to be “illuminated” now?” 🙂

Have you observed when an orange appears in an Orange tree?
The process of maturity is already set. We cannot delay it nor expedite it because of a belief or a thought. The same is with consciousness.

Detachment will come when attachment has been experienced to the utmost. That suffering will be the catalyst for the next step: To search for solutions.

To search is really to open our consciousness to new experiences in Life. That openness will bear its own fruits.

When there is the realization of the importance of Life experiences, then to enjoy the process is of paramount importance, that is; to give that process the amplitude to manifest completely, to take things with calmness and to let things “be.”

The “Office world” has taught us to become someone who we are not for the sake of success. Religions have taught us to fake what we truly feel for the sake of reaching Paradise. We continuously bang in our heads the need to change ourselves into something “better.”
Our society basically, is teaching us not to enjoy who we ARE.

Shall we go against that?
NO. That is rejection.To reject means to boost the intensity of that which is rejected.

What should we do then?
Observe, acknowledge, be aware, and appreciate it.

Some people thrive in a structured life style. Other do not.
A “Life walker” embraces both experiences as they arrive in his Life, knowing that his own Life experience will gather both experiences sooner or later… to embrace duality means to be one with it.
Just to know and to “BE.”


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  1. newheavenonearth

    This is so good! I love the quote about experience! Thank you! You said, “You know, it is a shame that otherwise good people can become so black or white in their beliefs.” My two cents: Many people mistake the “black and white” religiosity as truth of God when it is the oldest trick in the book, straight off the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, the duality of the fallen world that tells human beings they have to do something or think a certain way or believe a certain dogma or doctrine or precept of men or follow an externally imposed moral code to be good and avoid evil. This religious ideation is deceptive delusion and illusory keeping people enslaved to religion, to self-righteous, self-serving, self-gratifying controlling, manipulating programming. The trick is to get people to work for what they already have/who they already are in Christ: the image and likeness of God; to make them reliant on an externally imposed system with a future promise of perfect life after you die instead of internally led by the Spirit of God abiding in us. Jesus said come to Me and I will give you rest for your soul; yoke (yoga/union) with me for I am Light and effortless ease! Jesus taught the kingdom was within, not something external and that he came to give us Life and Life Abundant! He is the Light of the world that can transform our soul (heart, mind, will) into his pure Light of Awareness of the Presence of his Father. When his fullness of Presence fills our body temple we are whole, complete, perfect and lack nothing! Everything is possible with awareness of Presence in us! In the tree of life (Christ’s pure Beingness) we live, move and have our being in God! It is beyond dualistic thinking; beyond satan’s black and white tree, beyond good and evil; the nondual field of God’s pure Presence is heaven on earth in our body temple when we become aware that we carry the Presence; we wake up in Christ’s pure ascended Being and we are surrounded by pure Love, fullness of Joy that is not touched by circumstances, and alive Peace that surpasses all understanding! Aahh!!!! May you be blessed!


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