Awareness of inner-observation


There are many perspectives out there to look at Life. There are many types of consciousness.
Anyone would like to come up with the “true” way of looking at things?
Any God who could give humans the “truth” as everything depends on a perspective given by our consciousness, which the “I” has no control of changing? 🙂

It is obviously out of the question when we understand by experience, how consciousness changes by itself and how the range of experiences must change, as Life is change itself.

In simple terms, our experience brings the duality of ego and ego-lessness.
Do we want to call one stage of the full experience as “good” and the other as “bad”?
That is the prevalent human issue, the “black or white” mentality.

“Bad” is part of the journey to “Good” which in turn will turn to “Bad” again…
What is the destination?
None. It is all about experiences.
Isn’t that great? Isn’t Life wonderful?

That is why Ananda repeats. Enjoy the experience of that “now.” It is unique. It is necessary as “it is,” it does not have a goal other than “what is” which will allow further changes in our consciousness.

How did we get into this suffering business?
Obviously, because the “I” is growing up.
Shall we destroy the “I”?

The “I” cannot destroy itself. The “I” cannot dissolve itself. Neither God can do that “miracle” for it is part of our own growth.
The “I” is just a process in the journey of “no-I.”

“Dissolving” ego will happen. There is nothing, which needs to be done.
Only observe, become aware of the process. There is no one who could raise “your awareness.” It happens when you are ready. Timing. Synchronicity.
All the experiences that we gather in Life will take us to that point. The timing is different for everyone. That is all.

That is why there is “nothing” which has happened in our Life that we could label as “bad.”
To do that is to bring guilt and fear into our lives. But even if we bring guilt and fear, that is not “bad” at all… It is part of the process of what some call “healing.”

Lost in labels we cannot observe what is actually happening in our lives. We could observe what is happening out there but to see inside is something, which we have not been “taught.”
Here a riddle: 🙂
The “I” cannot observe itself…but, nevertheless; there is observation.

Want to learn inner–observation?
Want to know the “steps,” the “method”? 🙂

I am sure, everyone of us could discover it, once we “empty our minds.”
Empty… from what?
From all the beliefs that we have acquired.
But… what is a belief?
Anything that we have not experienced. Anything that we perceive only under one perspective. Anything that we think that defines who we “are.”
To be trapped in ideas and ideals, in mental constructs, is to live under a belief system.

If “I” allow for my perspective to change, I will be able to see my experience under another light. If what “I think” of me is static, I will not be able to observe the changes in “me.” If my life is guided by rigid ideas, there is no way to expand my consciousness.

Can we “do” that?
Awareness is all that is needed. No “doing” necessary.

Learning happens when there is the chance to unlearn.


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