Still caught up with the “truth”?


Our perception depends on our state of consciousness. That consciousness depends on our assimilation of Life experiences.
Everyone has a different experience in Life, thus different consciousness.

“Oneness” is not a concept unless we could only believe in it.
Oneness is to observe that this thing, which we call consciousness, is not dependent on the “I” to change or exist.
Consciousness is what unites us in this Universe. A dolphin has consciousness just like a flower, just like a pebble, just like a human being; nevertheless that consciousness manifests according to time and according to the species for every species has a different task to perform for continuation of this Uni-verse.

The above may be a belief for most, without the experience.

For some Life is about getting anything you can get from it, for death is going to terminate the fun, the party, the show. Therefore, look up for number 1. “I” am it.

For the majority, that maybe their state of consciousness, their “reality.”

For others, it is about being with God. “I” need a savior. “I” must continue on in the afterlife. Being “One” with God is important. Of course, “God” is defined in different forms, views and shapes. “His” acts are also conceptualized in every imaginable way… but yet, someone may say: “I have the truth. Follow me.”

Can we have the openness to accept all of the above views by integrating all the different ways of perception?

No? Then our path in Life will teach us about rejection and repression as a way to “purify” our openness.
Yes? Then, Life will make the magic act all by itself. No beliefs attached to that, in such a way that openness in consciousness would be experienced.

The interesting thing to be aware of, is that every one of us has gone or will go through all of those “different” state of consciousness.
The game is not to find out who has the “truth.”
The game is to enjoy your truth. Your consciousness at a particular point in time.

Enjoy it, appreciate it. No attachment to it. No dogmatic view of it. Allow it to change. The game is change.

The leader of a religion believed in omnipresence at one point of his life. Then at another point, his consciousness changed and he believed in one individual God different from humans. A “contradiction,” said Mr. Reason.
What happened?
His consciousness changed. Obviously.
The followers only “believed.” The followers only thought that “now we have the truth and not before.”

The followers are merely sheep in the path of self-realization, of finding your ‘truth.’
Once there is awareness of that, the sheep is no longer a sheep… unless there is a belief in being a sheep.

Observe, perceive, be aware.
Enjoy, appreciate, be thankful.
That is all.


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