Emotional comforts


What is the “origin” of thoughts? That is a typical question from a typical thinker.
When we understand Oneness, we could observe that thoughts as everything else; are “part” of that Oneness. Because language is meant to separate “things” as thinking does, it is impossible to “define” and to verbally explain what can only be directly perceived.

The other day I was speaking with someone who shared her experience with me: “ As I was walking I experienced that everything was me. The table, the tree, the bird. There was no difference.”

That Oneness “expands” into many things, many beings as our perception could perceive.
When a particular manifestation acquires a personality through separation, through THINKING, that is the point where Ego develops.
As that “personality” evolves, solidifies, becomes “real,” then an emotion is born according to the consciousness of that “personality.”

Here is a typical life story. Some experiences are perceived as “good.” The ego thrives. Becomes “bigger.” Other experiences are perceived as “bad.” The ego reduces its size.
Thus, there is expansion and compression. A perception could be intensified by a person, to the point where his body and mind become affected. A disease appears.

Is that “bad”? That is the way Life has to show us a different “reality.” Reaching a limit is many times, the point where change starts to happen. That is why, every experience is important as it is. “Good” and “bad” are infantile labels, which only supports the existence of our ego.

When the ego wants to survive and fight, then anything that assures its existence becomes “good.” A comfort.
If eating brings pleasure to deal with the traumatic experiences of the ego, then “more” is “better.”
If a religion brings the comfort of knowing that “I” will exist in the afterlife with God, then that becomes an emotional comfort.
If a person arrives in my Life to save “me” from “feeling” lonely, then “Love” becomes a label to cover my own neediness. To hang on in a relationship, which is emotionally disturbing, is the proof of that emotional comfort which the ego craves to maintain.

To control things, to maintain the “status quo” or to fight to keep them in a certain way, is another emotional comfort desired by that ego.

Do we see how emotions are entangled with ego?
Why do women appear to be more emotional than man?
Because in our society a man is taught not to show his emotions. To repress them. That is a sign of “weakness.” On the other hand, a woman could show those. “The weaker gender,” is the label used.
In most chauvinistic societies, all expressions have a gender. That is a way to control.
A sexual man will be labeled as a “stud.” A sexual woman, a whore.

That type of mentality serves the purpose of perpetuating differences, classes, and antagonism. The “solution” is not to “fight against it,” but to be aware that this exist, to acknowledge it and to move on. As the consciousness of individuals change, then a “moral” standard today, will change tomorrow.

It is violent to pretend that “everyone” should do something to change, which we perceive as “good,” “moral” or “Godly.”

An emotional comfort is a personal seclusion from accepting Life in its Totality.

To peel the layers of ego is not something that could be done by understanding a book written by an “enlightened one.” It is not something which happens when we believe on a God or when we ask for his help. It is not something that happens when we “act” to conquer “the ego.”

None of the above will help. There is nothing that needs to be “done.” Other than becoming aware that it is there.

If there is a pothole in front of us and we become aware of it, we automatically avoid it. There is no thinking needed. If we don’t avoid it, we will learn through an experience.
Everyone will have a different experience.

“The pothole is bad. You must never step on it.” That is a “black or white” perception, which only assures fear and creates a moral standard, which does not exist in Life.
A pothole is a pothole. Society may teach us to label it as “bad,” but for the one who is AWARE, “good and bad” are just point of references with static limits delimited by a belief system.

As a friend shared with me: “Sometimes you are the bug, another times the windshield.”
Life changes. Emotional comforts do not.

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