The “God has said it” law


When we awaken into the consciousness of oneness, we could understand how the “I” came into being. Then, we can understand how important it becomes to observe emotions which arise as “creations” of the “I.”

Shall we say that the “I” is an illusion?
Let us not be “black or white.” The “I” is a “reality” for many. It is paradoxical.
The “I” exists but it doesn’t. It all depends on the location of our consciousness, which is not dependent on the “I” to change, but it will change by itself, for it is change itself.

However, it is in this consciousness of being an “I,” how the search for safety and comfort appear.
The world and Nature seem like a hostile place for the “I” to exist. The “I” has to fight, conquer, show, teach, and convince… obviously, many things to “do.”

Nevertheless, the law of the “stronger” appears. It is an “I” against another “I.”
Wouldn’t it be nice to be “right”? Wouldn’t it be nice to feel that there is a higher entity which supports our wishes, laws and moral standards?

That is how God appeared. We created him. God is a consequence of the search for survival of the “I.”

Yes, I know… You had “experiences” with angels, divine beings, etc.
Weren’t those “God”?

Yes and No. 🙂

When something out of the ordinary appears in front of us, we call it “divine” or “diabolic.”
That is the issue. Labeling defines. It is merely unique.
If we need to identify that which was unique in our experience, we will label that according to what we know, to what we have been taught.
“God” is a nice label. If many have similar experiences, then that “ holy club” becomes unique and therefore, the “I” will ascend to a very special level.

Do we realize that the “I” is growing its size, due to that “experience”?
Probably not.

Let me go into the “spiritual experience.”
As mentioned before, those experiences are meant to begin a “new” path, to begin a new consciousness. Those experiences are “tools,” for change.
Nevertheless, most will react in the following way:
“I am especial. A chosen one. God has contacted me. Since he came through this religion, idea, philosophy; then that must be the “truth.”
Do we see the flaw in our “logic”?
It is called assumption.
From that point on, it will be about worshiping, believing in things, finding emotional comfort and self-righteousness.
All of the above strengthens the consciousness of the “I.”

If we are able to observe such a diversity of consciousness, ways of living and viewpoints in Life; how is it that we could believe that there is only “one” way if all of the different flavors in Life are showing us the oneness of all?

Every “difference” is part of that Oneness. Every variety of consciousness is part of it.

“But… there must be only one righteous way, the Godly way according to his words…”

If your consciousness is still there, you will not be able to understand what Ananda is conveying. Yes… you are intelligent, prepared, educated. You just have different life experiences than Ananda.
Just allow your consciousness to change when it is the time.

“NO! I cannot let the devil take me away from God!”

Great! Stick with it.

Life will change. “You” will not.
You will change… but “You” will not.
Your stubbornness may take you to heaven in the future, but before that; it may take you into repression and rejection of Life “now.” Way to go! (To heaven..)

There is a religious idea sold out to us. It is called “Martyrdom.”

“Christ died in the cross to save us.” The fact is, he died in the cross because he got in trouble with society at that time. They were not ready to understand him, to go over their beliefs and then 2000 years later, we continue, “repenting from that sin” which none of us here today committed.

That idea of “martyrdom” will make us believe that our suffering is an example for others. It is just another source of admiration, of ego-boost.

The robe of “God” could be wore by anyone fit to it, just like there are many who could fit into the Santa Claus outfit.
Yes… He is still Santa… but No! He isn’t. It all depends in your belief.

We could be children of God, but before that… we are Life itself. “Being” Life.


  1. starrystez

    The Christ myth is woven into the fabric of consciousness because each of us are ‘crucified’ in our experiences of life and subsquently ‘resurrected’ when we transcend our pain and realize who we really are.


    • ahnanda

      Yes indeed. However, there is a need of an “I” to be “crucified” and “resurrected.” That “I” is the prototype for all romantic spiritual stories or mystical ones or fearful ones.
      Without that “I” there is another “reality.” Different, not better. Completely Paradoxical. 🙂


  2. newheavenonearth

    I humbly clarify that it is not the meaning of the words about Christ you are using. The True Christ, the True Word made flesh, Spirit made flesh, Love made flesh, Light made flesh, is the pure awareness of Presence. The words point to, but could never convey the limitless Awareness that is Christ. Words are crude; pure consciousness and awareness of Presence is transmitted beyond archaic languages. But, Christ in the man Jesus willingly gave up his spirit, he endured the cross to die to angels and demons, spirits and antichrists; to disarm powers and principalities that came against Truth and eternal Life, false religion and counterfeit light that came against innocent ignorance unawake human beings that were being enslaved by religion. The Christ, the anointed One, the holy One, the Living One, is Light without any darkness at all; the Spirit of unity in the bond of peace! “It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me” is the Pure Awareness, pure Consciousness, pure Presence, now, here, in the awareness of the Presence of God manifested here, present, now!


    • ahnanda

      The true Christ and the false one.
      Light and darkness
      pure and impure
      the ignorant and the wise.
      Day becomes night
      Night becomes day.
      Same thing at different times…

      Blessings to you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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