Healing through Observation


If we observe how conditioned we are by our beliefs, moral codes and emotions, we will begin to understand what is going on with that complex being called “I” or “me.”

Let us say that “Oggie” your fluffy little dog, was run over by your neighbor’s car.
Observe what goes on in “you” in the different circumstances that Life could offer.
You may have been the witness, you may have known “the facts” from someone else.

Sadness will be experienced as “Oggie” was such as cutie. Longing into Oggie’s destiny will extend the emotion of sadness. That emotion of sadness is not bad. It does not need to be rejected. Feel it. Allow yourself to be that sadness and let it go. That timing for letting go is what makes the difference in every individual. The longer it stays, the longer you will feel sad. Observe your closeness to “Oggie.” Observe how “Oggie” gave you some satisfaction, which in turn; you wanted to hold on to it, to become attached to that sensation.

Observe that “Oggie” is not the cause of your attachment, but it merely triggers it.
That means that your attachment has always been there.

How do you feel towards your neighbor?
Even if the situation happened without a willingness to hurt “Oggie,” still there will be some resentment. Observe that.
Your neighbor only triggers that resentment already existing in you.

Is resentment “bad”? Do I need to do something to get rid of it?
No. Feel it. Let it go.
Observe that every sensation will invade “you.” Allow it to be … and let it go.

All of the above is observed without a “moral” standard in our minds, without a belief; because otherwise, you will repress it, reject it.

When we observe, we do not react, take action. Yes… the thing happened but let me see how is that affecting “me.” Just observe. Become aware. Take things slow.

“I feel like killing my neighbor.”
Allow that feeling to be. Discover who you are at that time. It will go away, if you ALLOW it.

Who is holding on to that emotion?
The sense of “I.” The “I” will feel diminished. The “I” needs to “get even.”
Allow that emotion to be there. Let it go. If you hold on to it, you will be nurturing it.

Any healing requires observation. Why?
Because unless we are looking at Life, at the event, from a different perspective in a non-emotional way, we will be stuck in one particular way, “My” way, my perception.
What is a non-emotional way?
It will be the one of the pizza delivery guy, who was there seeing when “Oggie” was hit by the car.
Why his sadness does not build up as much as yours?
Because his “I” is not as involved with Oggie’s life.

The pizza delivery guy did not get “things” from Oggie that you did.
Ultimately, what you will miss are those moments that “Oggie” was able to fulfill.

It is your own neediness what is being discovered.

A “black or white” person will say: “It is not good to have pets because when they die, we suffer.”
That type of mentality is a religion in itself.
NO! It is not about denying things but in being able to discover that “I” who is “needy,” in need of different things. The “I” who has a “right” to control Life and not allowing it to be.

That discovery is “You.”

Who am I?
A soul, a body. A spirit?

The events of Life will allow you to see who you really are, if you observe them.
Healing of emotions occur at that level. We may discover that our emotions are being triggered by different events in Life. What comes out, is “Me” at that point in time. No way to hide it.

Do you want to get “better”? What would you like to repress today?
Observe. Find out. It is all in “you.”


  1. Lax I

    I always thought after the soul leaves a body, through death, it goes into some subtle region for a while before it finds a new body. But I heard that actually the soul is lingering around in space waiting for a body. So in mass destruction huge number of souls are moving around in distress looking for a body? Could you please clarify. And if this is true why is it wrong to fear death?


    • ahnanda

      Observe all the beliefs that you believe in.
      “I thought,” “I heard.”
      Discover the reality that you “are,” then you will understand, without “thinking,” without the input of someone else.
      There is nothing wrong with any beliefs nor with fearing death.
      Nevertheless you may want to fear going to sleep every night, for you may not wake up.
      There is nothing wrong with that… however, there are consequences.
      All the best! 🙂


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