Wordless Words

How am I supposed to share experiences, which cannot be conveyed in words?

Perhaps, if words are used to a minimum.

But …what about if these words are misinterpreted?
That is not a problem for the one who wants to know through living.

If you live what you interpret even though it may be “wrong;” eventually, you will get it “right” through Life experiences.
“Knowing” requires for every seeker to pay their dues. No freebies.

If you don’t have time to assimilate Life, but just enough time to go to Heaven…
All you could ever have is empty intellectual speculation.

Looking only to be “right”? Then whether you get the “concept” right or “wrong” will not matter.
Is to be “right” all that matters for you?
Then just believe. Only believe yourself to be right. Believe that others are wrong.

No one becomes a “better” human being by just knowing concepts or believing in things, but by allowing openness in his consciousness.
Being conceptually “right” does not mean increasing consciousness.
If consciousness does not increase through openness, then what you speak about will be fake. A sales job. Your talk will not match your walk.
It is not your own experience but just your concept or a hand-me-down. It is not what you live by, but merely your understanding. Your opinion. Your belief.

It is not what you are; but what you think is “right.”

Living it, being it. That is all.

Get it right or get it wrong…
It is just the same song
Live it, Be it; undefined, unrestricted
and perhaps the clinging “I,” will be evicted…

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