Processing Life

Every change has a process in Life.
We live in constant “processes.”
Are you ill? Want to be healthy?
There is a process that needs to be respected, care for.
It is like training. When we train our bodies to perform, it is not a linear process of “improvement,” but it is a process of assimilation.
As the body assimilates the stresses put into it, then the body can adapt and overcome.

What is illness?
When we fail to adapt to changes.
What changes?
A new situation, a new circumstance or a recurrent issue, which we are unable to process.

A change of consciousness happens in the same way, it is imperceptible to the senses, every day there is a small change until we realize that something is different in us, at that point we may label that as “something is wrong.”

Observe how the label interferes with the process itself. In our mind, we have a little picture of what we wish to obtain.
That little picture is not reality but merely our own perception of what it “should be.”

Hunger will drive us to possess the picture of a “carrot.” We want a carrot not a picture, but until we find the one looking exactly as the picture, we will be disappointed. That picture has the power to propel the donkey “forward.”
To reach that carrot is simply impossible, for our ideals will not match what is. The picture is not the thing.
Moreover, if we think that we have already reached that carrot, we will be sorely disappointed to taste its emptiness. That is the significance of Dis-illusion.

It wasn’t what we thought it was. We lost the enjoyment of the “reality” of the process, for the idealistic objective.

Some say the “problem” is to have desires and wants. That is not it.
The issue is to have a mental picture of something, a definition, a concept to strive to.
Want success? Define it. Did you get it?
What is next?
You got the picture.

A ripe fruit is ready to be eaten. It has timing. That timing needs to be respected.

Many times, we may want for things to change immediately, right away as if we were entitled to control Life to fit our wishes.

Observe that change is a process in itself without a particular destination to fit someone’s wishes. It is that range of experiences, which are necessary and able to give us the insight to flow in Life, be Life itself.

There are neither books nor rules. There is no method. No need to follow anyone.

The Universe is like the still waters of a lake on a sunny afternoon.
What you perceive in it, is always a reflection of you.


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