Life, Religion and Spirituality

As humans continue to mentally divide things and conceptualize things, then complications arise in our perception of Life.

Religion and Spirituality are concepts created by human minds. Those concepts do not exist, just as when we say: “He is German.”
Humans have made up those concepts. Yes, they have utility. Yes, they are necessary to live in our current society; however, those labels are merely a conduit for separation: German vs. Non-German.

We could continue that separation which will bring antagonism at one point in time. Humans are unable to live life without conceptualizing things, separating things when there is no separation.

“So… What is the problem with that?”
Evidently we BELIEVE that there is a separation, which is supported by those labels. The extreme of that belief is to kill someone just to defend a label.

Want to take your life away just to defend “your” flag from getting in the hands of your “enemies”?

If you do that, as a reward you will be called a “hero,” your picture will be posted in different places and perhaps remembered by your peeps for one day in a year.
But you will be dead. What a deal!
Some call that to be “immortal.”

That is the power of labels.

Do we see that?

Is the solution to stop labeling? 🙂 Are labels “bad”?
If you say yes; you are still in the “black or white” mentality.
By all means label, use words; BUT watch out for the feelings behind them. What do you feel when you use a particular label?

That is it. We are on the same page now.

The same holds true for the concepts “Religion,” and “Spirituality.”

We could write anything we want about those concepts. Even perhaps go for “Spirituality” as being “better than” Religion.
There is no point in that. Both are just labels.

Do you want to be labeled as Democrat? Or Republican? Do we want to write a dissertation about which concept is “better”? or more convenient? Or holier than thou?

That is a nonsensical game. Once we BELIEVE that game to be true, then our consciousness will act based on that belief.
To be awakened, aware means to realize that those labels are only material for separation when there is none.

There is just Life.
To be able to look at Life with wholesomeness, we need to integrate all the different pieces together, the different “isms” which believe to be “better than”, or the “truth.”

To go beyond the label is the first step to perceive something different.
Religions, spirituality, dogmas, beliefs, worship, top down hierarchy, rewards, afterlife, punishment, guilt, fear, shame, self righteousness, commandments, morality, codes, rigidity, power, etc.
All of those words go together in the same bag of goodies. Some call that bag as “religion,” others “spirituality,” yet others “government” and even society.

Life. That is all. That is the “Now.” Your experience in this moment without labeling it. Your continuous balancing act to glide in Life, as a Pelican glides in the sky. Aware of your feelings at every moment.

If a Pelican had beliefs, perhaps a pelican wouldn’t be able to dive into the Ocean to eat; for Pelicans are only “supposed to fly.”
That is how some experience Life.

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