Facing emotions

To face emotions is part of the obstacle course of the Life walker.

An emotion is triggered by beliefs and healed either through the understanding of those beliefs or the strength to face that emotion.

Any emotion will manifest in the body as a pain, disease or discomfort.

For instance, someone may feel that the area in his lower neck is tight.

That will cause discomfort. Some people label that as “stress,” and may want to take some medicine/muscle relaxer to feel OK again.

When we observe emotions, for instance we could pinpoint a subtle pain in the chest. That pain comes with a sensation, a feeling, we could label that as “anxiety.”

Anxiety was the cause of the muscles tightening.

Observe the path of that emotion: It will tighten the stomach and then the neck.

Why is this important?

Because if we are unaware of the underlying emotion and only perceive the physical discomfort, we may be overlooking the cause and perhaps unnecessarily medicating ourselves.

This is a practical use of observation in our daily Life, thus a very “spiritual” practice.

Deep breathing is the remedy rather than a pill. To be aware is the panacea and not to use a label or definition.

Do you feel fear of rejection?

That is another emotion. Observe how your body tightens and how the “stress” appears.

How do you cure that fear?

By facing it.

The emotion of fear is cured by facing that which we fear.

What about fear of death?

Wait until the time comes… and then you will face it. In the meantime, your fear is about losing what is known to you.

The process of healing from a fear is a journey in itself, our healing path.

To know how to face something in Life is a learning experience. The label used is to have courage.

It is important to understand courage.

Sometimes we may need to face our fears right there with the inner strength that we have accumulated. Other times, we may need to withdraw completely and to give ourselves the time to build our confidence, our strength. To withdraw is the time to cuddle the inner child.

Thus, courage is always a manifestation of our strength.

The way to increase our fear is when we face something without our inner strength to support it. It is to build a house without a foundation.

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