Finding fault in “others”

“Rich is a very proud individual. He is very arrogant.”
That is a judgment.
In my mind from now on, Rich is equivalent to arrogant and proud.
In my heart, when I see Rich I will have developed “antibodies” towards him.
“Here is the proud and arrogant individual.” Those words are not thought, they are “unconscious” but our emotions will show exactly what we “think,” or rather feel.

In my inner observation, my pristine feelings will be colored by a heavy sensation, which will add up to the cloudy and foggy heaviness of interpreting and judging the participation of “others” in my life.

“Carl insinuated that I am dumb.”
“Rebecca didn’t show respect for me.”

All of those words bring certain quality of feelings, which accumulate in our beings.
At the end of the day, that becomes the way we perceive the world.
“This world is full of arrogant people. We cannot trust them because it may be a hurtful interaction.”

“I interpreted that he had ulterior motives.”
Suspicion appears and with that a new attitude towards life: “I am afraid. Everyone wants something from me.”

That is why it is said, that what is outside is inside; however as our perception refines, we could observe that there is no difference between the outside and the inside.

Do you perceive hate in the environment that you are in?
OK. It will go away if you become an open, empty door. Otherwise, it will be trapped in you.
Why trapped?
Because the “I” will have an exact fit for that emotion, if that “I” is made from the same “material.”
Jealousy attracts jealousy. We are all one. The mirror of the world is showing “me” though others. Rather than thanking that “other” for the lesson, we crucify that “other” to protect the always innocent “me.”

Any worthwhile spirituality out there will go into this with different words.
If you are empty, you will not get trapped with a particular emotion or sensation. It will go through you.
If you recognize that sensation or emotion as “good or bad” automatically, you will be trapped in it.
Your moral values have done the judgment.

What do you mean by trapped?
John insulted Sue in a moment of desperation.
Sue accepted the words from John and identified with them. Those words were against Sue’s own image. That was an insult!
Sue reacted and insulted John back.
The back and forward shows the distress of 2 egos hoping to win the war.
Bothe egos are trapped into each other, until the next match.

John will say to his friends: “ Sue is such an …”
Sue will use a similar word to describe John to her friends.

The label used is the tool needed to gain support, to be “right.”
“John is such an idiot.”
Stupidity becomes a synonym with the label, John.
The cloudy, foggy sensation invades our pristine feelings and little by little, a wall is built to protect what we perceive to be “Me.” An Armor is born.

The armor is built through Life experiences of protecting that “I.”
One of the most emotional painful experiences a Life walker could feel, is when he is ready to take the armor off. That takes guts, courage and lots of patience.

That is the process of openness into trusting Life again.


  1. melissaintransition

    I am a collection of events, feelings, and perceptions. My feelings are NOT facts, they are my past experiences trying to help me. As I collect new healthy concepts about life (that work!!) that is when I can let go of old ideas.


    • ahnanda

      I like that, Melissaintransition!
      Thank you.
      In my experience, concepts help the intellectual side of ourselves, to “understand things” but change as perceiving a new reality coming into our Life, deals with openness of the heart.
      That openness arrives when we are willing to let go of the accumulation of perceived protective energy that we have accumulated. Some call that energy as emotions, I like to call it the “armor.”
      In fact, there is a book which explains this process beautifully:
      “The Knight in a rusty armor.”

      Click to access KnightInRustyArmor.pdf

      Love to you!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. BloomLisa

    I recently read, You Are The Placebo by Dr Joe Dispenza. His work fascinated me. He discusses how over decades of conditioning our body takes over for the mind. That we live in the past. Seeing Rich tomorrow will be through the same lens as our last experience and the ones before it. He discusses many things, including how most of us do not arrive in the present moment without bringing our past into it. Your post is a deep topic with lots of interesting crevasses to explore. 🌸🌸


    • ahnanda

      Thank you Lisa!
      Interesting information there that you share.
      In my experience, the mind/body dichotomy is in a unity. Emotions are the proof of that unity. Yes… Rich will be stuck in our minds and our bodies will react the same until we change our belief.
      Nevertheless, what we see outside in Rich, is inside us… that continues that unity, that oneness.
      In short, everything we perceive is what we are. We have been conditioned, but to be aware is to observe that conditioning with love and to let it move on.

      Love to you!


  3. newheavenonearth

    When we find the fault we see in others in ourselves and bring the Light of Love to it, it dissolves like mist hit with full sun! The awareness of Love as the full Presence of God heals, delivers and sets us free to Love in unity with all God’s creation!


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