Fantasies of the mind

Every end is a beginning.
When we learn to take the messages that Life may bring, we could move in tune with “what is.”
Those messages may not be according to our religion, our morality or some other static human created code, but it is exactly what is needed according to time.

What is important is to understand the transition between ending and beginning. It is not immediate, it requires to perceive the dance and to go along with the song.

Today I will share about the importance of knowing our minds.
When we become trapped by our minds, we live in seclusion, in an artificial environment of perceived security.

The mind is able to fantasize and to take us into a world of wishes.
For example, we may meet someone who we believe fulfills all of our fantasies. It is the “perfect” partner.
That label of “perfect” will be there as long as we don’t know the person.

Many times, we could meet someone for many years without even knowing who they are. We may know only the surface, which is a great way to keep the fantasy going.

This fantasy could increase if the person that we admire is unreachable, unaccessible.
Let me be more specific: Have you ever fallen in love with wonder woman or with a rock star?
That is what I am referring to. That could also happen in the life of a grown up.

The fantasy falls apart once we meet the person “live” and get to know the person.

“Her kiss was not as wonderful as the dreams I had…” to paraphrase Sara Teasdale.

The human mind is an incredible creator of fantasies.
Those fantasies are constantly fed by our beliefs.
Therefore, they become “real.”

Things may happen and we could experience them, but when we have in our mind a belief about a particular person, then that person is given charge of our experience.

Isn’t to realize this a wonderful gift that we have to learn from “others”? It may be a costly experience, but it is worth to pay the price to feel freedom in the mind.

With a thankful heart and appreciation of the learned lesson; the Life walker moves on, into the next adventure… 🙂

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