The connection of feelings and sexuality

As our feelings are, so will be our intention and thus the outcome of our actions.

The above could be misinterpreted as: “Let me have good feelings before I do that action.”

That is an inner lie.
Our main feelings are always with us. We may be calm, but closed. Enjoying “peace of mind,” but having a controlling nature, speaking sweetly but jealous.

How do we change that state of consciousness into a loving one?
Inner work: Less beliefs means less judgment. Lesser emotional reactions means greater openness to Life.
Feelings will be able to transit from our lowest chakra to the highest without any obstacles. That energy is clear. It flows.

That happens when we are aligned.
This is not just a matter of having the “healer” align our chakras.
This is a matter of “doing” that inner work for the healing to take effect quickly.

Therefore, it is not a matter of saying: “I need to have good feelings.” We cannot make something that we don’t have.

What is the practical, Life related event of the above?

If a person is full of emotions, beliefs, sense of guilt and different hang ups; that person will be suffering, for a wall will be built between him and everything else.
Obviously, that person could be a “good person,” but his feelings are not open, thus; he does not love.
We could make ourselves believe that because we “do” something labeled as “good,” we are “loving.” That is the religious trick.

The majority of individuals at this time, are in continuous suffering. But, rather than listening to the signal that suffering is sending, these individuals rather continue on in their pursuits.
“Suffering is bad. Pleasure is good.”

It is in this state of suffering when a pleasurable sensation such as sex could become an addiction.

Here is their motto: “Life is suffering. Sex is pleasure. I want more pleasure and less suffering.”

Nevertheless, observe the feelings of that individual. That individual is suffering but yet, wants the experience of a pinnacle of enjoyment, love, total emptiness, letting go of self, that a human could consciously engage in.

That is how sex became a problem. A personality full of pain, wants to be rescued from it through the easy fix which will last a couple of hours, but it becomes his reason to exist.

Any expression of sexuality when it is the outcome of feeling joyful, sensual and alive will have a positive outcome in our minds, which in turn will translate into an overall feeling of wellness.
That same sex performed while feeling down, angry, frustrated, fearful, unsatisfied will have tiredness, emptiness and a feeling of being wasted as an outcome.

That is the practical teaching, the “spiritual” teaching of knowing the value of our feelings.

As we are energy; there is an exchange of energy through sex.
That exchange could be nourishing or could be a way to drain our own energy.

A human being energetically aligned will be joyful naturally. A human being who is in connection with Nature and who lives life from his heart, will be connected with the Totality as fish is connected with the depths of the Ocean.

It is that depth which can take a human being to the stability and openness of the one who is one with Life.


    • ahnanda

      Let us say that you put your finger by mistake, inside a power outlet.
      If you feel the electrical power that is suffering, right?
      Isn’t the message to take my finger out of there?
      When we are not thinking and pondering about the “If” and the “how’s” our response is automatic.
      When we choose not to listen to the signals, we will suffer until we decide to listen… It is just a matter of time. 🙂


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