Don’t follow me, for “I” will not take you there

Our consciousness is our reality. To change that “reality” we may need to go through the full range of experiences deemed for that consciousness through the assimilation of those experiences. Those are perceived as Life “ups and downs.”

In religious talk and philosophical musings, “I” can change my consciousness at any time.
That is short of nonsense.

However, that nonsense has been going on for a long time now, with the outcome of people living in greater fear, repression and anxiety due to their desire to reach or obtain a particular state of consciousness by “doing” things.

It is about time to finish that childish idea that by “doing” certain actions someone could enjoy a different consciousness.
It is not like that, because “doing” cannot change “being.”
I can do something 1000 times per day to get rid of for example, laziness. My continuous activity will cover my laziness and as long as I keep doing my action 1000 times per day, I will not “see” my laziness, even though it will be there. Stop the action and laziness will surface again.
It is just a cover up.

“Doing” reinforces a previous realization. This is not an intellectual work. It is a realization that comes from the heart.
That is why reading “spiritual stuff” does not do any change in the self until we see our reflection on that reading material and the heart feels the need to change without looking at the “pros” or “cons” of the resolution.

Do you want to wake up at 3 AM to pray every morning?
Great! That is a good time for that. However, your consciousness will not change a bit due to that practice, of that “doing.”
That is my point.

“What do you mean by consciousness?”
The ability to observe “reality” from a particular perspective. Our collective consciousness is lost in duality and the material perception of the world through physical senses. That is one type of consciousness. Neither “good nor bad.”

There is a story about the death of the Buddha, which I heard at one time in a gathering, don’t know if it is true, but it illustrates what I am trying to convey.

The Buddha ate some food that had poison in it. The Buddha knew about that poison and he took it anyway and as a consequence he died.

For some, The Buddha committed suicide.
Suicide= “bad” = “sinful.”
For others, the Buddha didn’t want to offend the host by rejecting the meal.
Not rejecting= “good.” Suffering to please others = “good.”

The above are different types of perceptions, or consciousness in the “good or bad” realm.
Few understood that for the Buddha there is no difference between Life and Death for his consciousness is beyond that duality, so he ate the food for the enjoyment of it.

What is the teaching?
Perhaps to demonstrate that committing suicide is not “bad” when you are in a different consciousness.

The Buddha lived in the “now.” He ate the meal to enjoy the taste of that food while living in “the now” in the gracious company of his host.

For the religious minded individual looking to imitate the Buddha, that will mean to immolate himself out of some excuse because he may think that his “action” will be as elevated as the Buddha’s.

That is not so. That follower will be stupid and pay the price of his self-dishonesty.
His “action” is meaningless when his consciousness does not match it.

Do we think that the Buddha was thinking thoroughly about what to do next while receiving poison?
Not a bit. He just did what was “natural” for him, according to his consciousness.

“But… if he was a person protected by God, he should have survived through a miracle!”

The “miracle” is that there is no death, but for most of us this is just “theory” and fear is our consciousness.

The world of rationality and the intellect is too much about theory, analysis and flowery talk but nothing of utility in changing consciousness.

To try to understand intellectually a consciousness, which we do not currently enjoy, only leads to misunderstanding and blind following of followers through a dogmatic vision of Life. That has been the destiny of every single organized religion through time.

The singular consciousness enjoyed by the “founder” of every religion has been misunderstood/ re-interpreted by followers without exception.
How do I know that?
It is a matter of consciousness. 🙂



  1. salwa

    dear brother
    i have been following ur singular journey,, and honsetlly , i appreciate ur honesty
    an di would lick yo share with u , the following
    i think , when i have started my spiritual journey , , meditation , and spiritual kowoledge of the soul ,, suprem soul,, time , karma low , etc, were th emain tools for transgormation , because in any way , the soul is in constant change , but the change would be called positif , if it brings a general benifit , to the self and to the envirement ofthe self , as they are one system
    every is good as it is , but with in this goodnesse”, i have to remaine careful : what is MY contubution in this goodness , and if it is benificial or not
    no one can answer this question but me!!
    i do agree with u , thire are religious founders ; their vision , and then ther’s the undrstandind of the follwers

    peace be upon u
    u a really close to our self



    • ahnanda

      Thank you for your comments Salwa!
      To know about YOUR contribution in something is very relative.
      Some like what Ananda shares others do not. Shall I ask, what is my contribution? Or better ask, Is what I share honest? Isn’t that honesty what you like about these sharings?

      We cannot be honest if we are concerned about MY contribution. We can only hope to comply with what we think, what we believe to be “right.” As you said it “No one can answer that question but me.”
      And that answer comes from your background, beliefs, ideas, etc.
      That is a dangerous trip to the land of self-righteousness.

      As your “being” so your action. When “being” changes, so the activity. If things are not in balance, we will know if we listen to suffering… when we listen her voice; we could see a different perspective of that “contribution.”

      Much love to you and my best wishes for a meaningful Life journey! 🙂


      • salwa

        Thank u for Ur reply,dear Ananda
        what i mean by my contribution not really basef on m’y background..but rather on m’y understanding
        …the back ground would tell me:”You are right,because u belong to the best religion”,butt my. Understanding Will tell me:”see and check for Ur self!”
        land of a land That belongs to the same planet on which we all live..the boundaries of the lands are illusions..but the one on its land should know what he produces..imports,exports..that Is the self awareness.god s job now is to male us aware. Of that..and then he will go.again. I really know that my consciousness. Now belongs to the bigger picture, and is playing there for a role.but the effort a soul should do is not to identify. With the role, so to remains”pure” a child playing but not aware that he is playing.
        love and respect


    • ahnanda

      Funny! The title of the article was based on a bumper sticker as well… I guess the message that you read is for you… and the message that I read, is for me… 🙂 🙂
      Maybe, maybe not….


  2. D. Vishwesh

    I liked the following sentence most from today’s blog.
    The “miracle” is that there is no death, but for most of us this is just “theory” and fear is our consciousness.


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