Love: Your higher consciousness

When we look at the immensity of the firmament in a night with no light
Just to see a far away star, through darkness, distance and time;
Behold! That is what makes the heart alive, joyous and fine.

The star may be unreachable to the physical hands, but the spontaneous feeling in the presence of that light, is enough to fuel and ignite the strength of our own might.

Love is the force igniting all lights through the recognition of our own nature.
Just like God, the inspiration is the star; but the task is to find our own light.

We are all candles.
A candle has no light, until love touches its heart.

That flame becomes a light on Earth, just as the one living up in the sky.

Darkness, distance and time, become the villains to overcome. But all it takes is an ignited light.

A candle refrains to be ignited. The fear to be burnt alive is the mental pain and illusion stretching the distance of the path.

Until the candle recognizes its nature, which is to give light.

Love is that light sharing brightness and warmth to all close by.
That light is just like the one of the star.

What is darkness, if not the opportunity to be bright?

But…How to overcome distance and time between the candle and the star?

Lighten up. 🙂

If we are love, we are empty. The path is to become empty, from the fullness of the “I.”
An ignited “I” is an empty “I.”
It is through that emptiness that we could recognize our own light.

Acknowledge the “I” fully, just to abandon it.
Find the “I” just to leave it behind.
Embrace that “I” just to let it go by.
It takes pure love, pure light to walk the path, of waving hello just to say good-bye.


  1. ahnanda

    Nice sharing there, dear sister!
    Having the knowledge that what we experience today comes from the past, is like adding a nail for “free” to the perceived crucifixion.
    Nevertheless, by knowing that who we are now is different than what we were before, gives the liberation to deal with the experiences of Life in the “now.” Memories are part of that past.. and when they come, welcome them; knowing that you are not that person anymore.

    All the best to you and much love! 🙂


  2. Gayathri

    Yes brother, you have gone through a lot and learnt from your experiences. You are fortunate, many people would not be able to understand/ catch the lesson life is teaching them and thus extend their journey of pain and suffering. These days i am trying to ‘forget’ the past and past karmic bondages… have forgiven all the people who were instrumental in making me suffer. Trying to deal with everyone as if there is no ‘burden of the past’. This makes things easier. Yes, love makes things easy. But sometimes the poor mind brings back the bitter memories and tries to change my attitude. It surely is a struggle sometimes, but am able to sail through… want to make the rest of the journey smooth and happy.
    Thanks for all your contributions in making me understand myself better.


  3. Language Yoga

    Its kinda sad for me to see you hopping on the love and light bandwagon, but then again, maybe you’ve always been on it? I know, I used to tout the love and light, too, but it was just a phase for me. Now I see how honoring one side of a pair of opposites while suppressing the other sets a fractal of imbalance and inequality in my whole world. But hey, that’s just me! Balance-I Aaron


    • ahnanda

      Good to hear from you Aaron!
      Love and light are nice words to say for some, but a “costly” experience for me. I am paying with my own life, although for others; that could be “free of charge.”
      That is my bandwagon.
      Same words different experiences.

      Love and Light to you! 🙂


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