Your Life is just you.

How do you like your life? Pretty good, huh? 🙂
Do you want to “make a change”?

Who is making the change?
The “I” ?
Based on what?
Your previous experiences, your education, your beliefs, your ideas… your baggage.
Can we call that a change?

Do you feel lonely?
That is your Life.
That is you. No difference.

Do you want to change that?
Do “something,” right? Join this group, call that other group, talk to your buddies, be social etc.
Observe that to “feel alone” hasn’t been changed at all.
All the “doing” has only dissipated the feeling of loneliness.

All the “doing” is “good,” but it should reflect a change in “BEING” to be true.

Are you worried?
Change your thoughts! Right? That is what “spirituality” recommends… Change yourself, just “do it.”

No, my friends. That is a dishonest game.
“I” think this thought, but let me suppress that and put this other “good” thought instead.
“I” am changing… 🙂

When we discover the wall of pain sitting in our hearts, which is not allowing for the air of Life to arrive and nourish our cells, at that point; in that awareness, we may stop “doing things” and allowing for that wall to be taken down little by little through the cleansing waters of our own tears coming from the heart.

We built the wall without help, without “doing” things. Similarly, is the process of disintegration.
Do you believe that this wall is protecting you?
Let go of that belief.
Do you believe that Life is harsh?
Look at your own harsh feelings.

Life is not only a mirror but it is “you.”
“You” can change that “you,” but that wouldn’t be called change.
Let it happen.

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