Do you mind your mind?

Life will teach us. Life will shape us, according to what it needs to be. According to the need of time.

We could change our beliefs 360 degrees by “surrendering” to the immense weight of Life over our shoulders. That is the hard way.

What makes it so hard?
I could say the “I,” but today I will be more specific.
Our minds.

The mind is very limited. The mind will gather information through our senses and make up a reality of its own.

So you lost your $300 sunglasses. Did it come to your mind that they were stolen?
Did you believe in it, just because of the “evidence” of mingling with some people who looked “fishy” to you?
At that point, the mind has created a reality, which will have greater strength if those sunglasses represent something important to you.

It is the downward spiral from there.

One day you may be looking for some change under the driver’s seat of your car… and there you found your sunglasses!

The trivial example above, illustrates other important aspects in our Lives.

We may need to check the facts before feeding our being with nonsense created by our minds.
Once our mind is convinced that “we know” without being actually sure, we may make a great mistake, which is not “bad,” but it could be a costly lesson in Life.

Remember the “benefit of the doubt”?
That is of vital importance.

To acknowledge the fleeting nature of the mind, is to understand that the mind is like another sense organ.

There are “visual” individuals out there. Their eyesight becomes the most important ingredient in their “reality.” Life will teach them that there is more than “visual effects” in Life.

Similarly is with people who are unaware of how their lives are being run by the limited information the mind is able to acquire.

It is not a matter of being the “master of the mind,” but to simply acknowledge the limitations of the mind. Become aware of it.

Have you ever been swimming in deep water and enjoying the experience, until a thought arrived: “Sharks.” At that point, the mind created the movie of a shark opening its mouth looking for you… Just like “Jaws.” How did you feel right after that inner movie show?
Scared. Tense. At that point the fun was over.
Nothing happened, but the mind sent its signal, which the “I” believed.

The unchecked mind could make of the “I” his greater believer.

When the mind is “out of control,” the mind could run the life of a person. What is pleasurable for the mind will be maintained and supported even though that could mean self-destruction.
A mind out control can create any fantasy, any mental situation; all it requires is for a believer to support its existence.

Do we understand now, how some individuals are looking for “peace of mind”?

The nature of the mind is to run from place to place by showing us our emotions, our deepest fears, likes and dislikes.

It is not a question of “peace of mind,” but just to observe that the mind is like a child running and jumping all according to our current emotional baggage.
If we believe in the stories of that child, we will discover that we are living our own reality away from “what is.”
That dissonance may be the starting point to look for inner answers.

Peace is not of the mind.
Mindfulness is beyond mind, into no-mind.

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