A bit of craziness for the mind

The first aspect that will be tested in the path of a new consciousness, will be the mind.
The mind full of beliefs and static idiosyncrasies has the baggage, which will need to be emptied.

As those beliefs are left aside, space will arrive in our consciousness. Then, the next step will need to be experienced: The cleaning of our emotional paraphernalia.

The mind is mostly related with this lifetime. Emotions come from many experiences before that.

An emotion is a trigger waiting to be pulled. The consequence is a reaction that will affect our psyche and the way we feel about Life.
A feeling is an untainted manifestation. As we live Life, as the “I” appears, those feelings become traumatic experiences, which have the power to determine our behavior. Those are emotions.

As we can see, it is very little that can be done by “changing our thoughts” only as the panacea for becoming “spiritual.”

In my experience, it will come a moment when those emotional traumas will need to be released. It is like a feeling in the chest, which brings a sensation calling for the need to cry without a reason.

At that time, Life will provide the necessary help to continue with this experience of inner knowledge and complete release. The inner pipe is clogged up with many sensations.

At that time, we may experience our inner voices looking to come out. Truly, there is a small step between releasing long held emotions and craziness.
I could understand now, how some people who have experienced traumatic experiences such as being left by a loved one or losing their work which gave them an identity, or any other “big” change in Life, could be affected by their emotions to the point of experiencing craziness.
To release emotions we will need to be situated in a consciousness of inner care; by knowing that this particular emotion had a purpose at one time, but in order to change in Life, it will need to go away. It is a thankful release.

After this cleaning episode which may last many sessions, a feeling of happiness for the sake of it, without a “reason;” may be experienced as the untainted feeling came back again to our awareness.

That is known as being emotionally in balance. The task is to be aware of it, by cleaning our minds and emotions from that time onwards.

It is in that new space, when the mind will still play tricks. The mind, will bring old sensations of pain or memories which evoke sadness.
This is the process of healing. Nevertheless, the mind will keep on bringing those sensations.

What to do?
Because that comes from the mind, it is important to get out of it.
How do we do that?
By occupying our minds with nonsense. That is right, get out of that state of stationary sadness by thinking stupid things, acting crazy with yourself.

Nonsense becomes a very important aid.
The mind, which is accustomed to linear thinking and logical stuff, knowledge and all of that, will be challenged with nonsense and the mental anguish will go away right there.
The mind needs to be cleared that way. Do something crazy once in a while 🙂 it is good for you!

As Carl Jung mentioned: “ the pendulum of the mind oscillates between sense and nonsense, not between right or wrong.”
As I can see it, “Right or wrong” are inventions of the human mind but not of the mind. Life is neither right nor wrong. It is “what is.”
A teaching imbued with “right or wrong” is obviously not reflecting Life. Being one with Life, requires to reflect Life.


    • ahnanda

      Sorry to see that you have misinterpreted what I wanted to convey. I cannot get out of my emotions, but I can of my mind.
      Avyakt7 changed into Ananda. Isn’t that crazy? 🙂


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