All is “good” in acceptance

At the end… it is all good…

Acceptance is a word conveying openness to Life.
Acceptance is not a practice. There is no way to “practice” it.
There is no way to define it. There is no way to know “it” until it happens to you.
Experience of it will allow you to talk about it, but whatever it is said, it is never “it.”

“Why are you “talking” about it then?”
Because there is no other way to refer to it.

You see a beggar outside asking for money.
Those “trying to be good,” will use that opportunity to feel good about themselves. They will practice a virtue such as “charity,” so they can tell others: “ I practiced charity today.” Then they will keep track of that “good action” for judgment day. There is “proof” of “good deeds.” “Salvation” is the goal. 🙂
“I did something “good.” I am working towards earning Heaven.”

The above practice is completely meaningless for those who are aware of the “I” in action.
For those who are not, the above practice has meaning. It is part of their necessary development in Life.
Therefore, all is good.

“Acceptance sounds good; but how do you deal with a violent behavior against you? What do you? Flow with it, accept it and do nothing?”

Accept yourself first and do according to what you ARE. If you do according to what you are told, you will repress who you ARE.

Whatever you “do” will have a consequence.
It was a “good” consequence? Then great.
It was a “bad” consequence? Then it is a lesson.
Therefore, “good.” 🙂
That lesson will shape your consciousness. It is an experience to learn from.
Therefore, all is good.

Repression has a limit. It could save you momentarily from “getting in trouble,” but the pressure inside will explode sooner or later, then all things which were repressed; will come out to the open and without restriction.
Who you ARE, will be known sooner or later.

It does not matter if others know or do not know about it.
You will know. Unless you are not aware.

Is not being aware “bad”?
No! Then you will get the chance to repeat the lesson again, until it is learned.
Thus, all is good.

If the lesson of inner honesty hasn’t been learned, then we will try to cover those things, which we do not like about ourselves. We could try to look “saintly,” “respectable,” etc. but any actions of the “I” to “fix ourselves” are meant to deceive ourselves, for it is a rejection of who we ARE.
This rejection will build repression again and with that we will repeat the same pattern of explosion-repression.

“But… how do I fix it, if I find something “wrong” in me?

Definitely it is not by labeling it as “bad.” It is not by changing behavior but by understanding the ramifications, the consequences of that. If playing with fire causes to burn my hand; labeling fire as “bad” will not do a thing. Telling myself that I “should never play with fire again” will only create fear in me, a rejection. Do we see that?

Acceptance of everything around us, cannot happen unless there is complete acceptance of who we ARE.

Without knowing who we ARE, there is no acceptance and because of that, no openness in consciousness.

Who we ARE is not related with a belief or a concept such as: I am a soul, I am a spirit, I am a body, I am a brain, etc.

Who we ARE is known by the observation of the type of unrehearsed, raw, “natural” activities that we perform.

If you are alone, if no one is seeing you or watching you, what will you do? How do you act?

Observe that this is not a religious belief or social agreement to act in a certain way to look “good” or to look “respectable.” To do that is to be dishonest for the one who is aware of the “I.”

For the one who is not aware of the “I,” the above practice is “good” until that individual becomes aware of the “I.”
Thus, all is good.

Life is change, and so “what is.” Whatever change that may be… it is all good. 🙂


  1. puresoul

    dear bro
    i thank u for the courageous and honest writtings ..
    the qusetion of acceptance is the greatest teaching ..or concepts any soul can ever aspire to.
    when u say:accept ur self first ” that sounds good and right and mature
    but when u say that “..”u are we are the observation of the natural activities that you performe ” leads us to stuck our self in some thing that never stops ..the time is mooving and so i am mooving cos i am the the time , as u are too , as are all!! are not what u observe , u are a process in continuous change…
    we have to remmeber that we are this moovement , and that we indeed mooving towards a destination , unlimited one ..whether we are aware of it or not .., it des not make any diffrence ..because we keep acting ..when we are on earth .., u can not “not act”…and this action and surely its intention leads u to where u wiil be
    love and respect


  2. Gayathri

    Accepting life as it is….

    i remember this story vaguely… i heard it from some one two decades ago. It goes something like this:

    There was a farmer in a village. He had a small farm, a couple of oxen, and one horse.

    One day, one ox ran away from the farm and did not come back. The farmer’s work in the field stopped because of that. Then the villagers came to him and expressed their sorrow. He said, “It is fine, i can manage.” After a couple of days, the ox came back and a cow came along with it. Then villagers came again and told the farmer how fortunate he was, he has got one cow now! He replied, “Whatever happens is good.”

    One day there was a competition held in horse riding in his village and his only son won the race. So, the villagers praised the farmer and told him that he was very fortunate to have a son like him. The farmer said, “It is fine, anything that happens is fine.”

    After a few days, while riding the horse, his son fell from it and broke his leg. The villagers came and expressed their sorrow; they told the farmer that it was very unfortunate that his son broke his leg. The farmer said, “Whatever happens is fine, you should not worry much about the incident.”

    Few months passed and the king of that country declared war on his neighboring state and ordered all the youth from his country to join the army to fight the battle. The king’s men came and rounded up all the youth in every village and took them to the battle field.

    Then the villagers came and congratulated the farmer saying his son was spared by the army because his leg was injured and that falling from the horse was a blessing in disguise.

    The farmer got tired of listening to people’s comments and could not take it any more. He just said, “Leave me alone. Whatever happens at any given moment of time is good.”

    Life brings what is needed for us… it makes us understand both sides of the coin.


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