Moving forward by not trying

Don’t think that because you found something, someone will find it by following your way.

Everything in Life has a pattern. It is the same pattern for all but the experience of it will be different at the individual level.

A child will grow into adulthood. It is the same pattern for all. Nevertheless, the experience of growing into adulthood will be different for every individual.

A fruit growing in a tree has a pattern. The fruit will mature and go on. Eventually every material thing recycles itself in Nature: The fruit could be eaten and thus, will become part of the matter of another being, or it could decompose itself in the tree and reunite itself with the Earth.

Every human being is a fruit in different stages of growth.

Observe that wherever that fruit is located in its process of Life, that place is absolutely “good” and necessary as it “is.”
Observe that there is no destination, as recycling itself will allow for that same matter to appear again in a different form.
“Matter cannot be created, neither destroyed, but only transformed.”

Now observe any human being. Isn’t him going through a process with no destination? Isn’t his stage of growth, his location; different from someone else?
Do we need to change something in him? Isn’t change inherently in him already?

“We need to shape him up! We want for him to be “good”!

There are rules, which need to be respected; and there are consequences for following them or not following them. Those consequences are the “teachers.”

The “I” cannot shape up anyone. Not even himself.

We are agents of Life; bringing movement to Life through our activities.
Some have misinterpreted “karma” as merely “action,” and label those actions as “good” or “bad.”

There is no “action” which is inherently “good” or “bad.”
There is an intention behind the action, which will bring an experience. Whatever that experience is in your lot, it will be an opportunity to keep moving, to keep changing.

For instance, Mark was looking for something in Life. He ended up trying heavy drugs and heavy sex as a way to escape the “reality” of his Life. He may call that, “changing his state of consciousness.”
Then, in his path something appeared… he found meditation and that brought him “peace.”
Isn’t meditation another way of altering our state of consciousness?

“Yes, indeed. But that is a “good change,” right?”

That is the belief.

Note that Mark is only going through the extent of the ‘rope’ of experiences, from low to high and high to low.
All of those are meant to find a balance.
Balance is the key in living Life. How do you recognize it if you haven’t gone through the extremes of the ‘rope’ of experiences?

To be harmonious is not a matter of rejecting some experiences in Life and welcoming others. That is just a belief.

Do you believe that you will go to heaven if you “practice” certain actions and forfeit others?
Do you think that God is going to “save you,” if you “do” something special? If you become “good”?
In which point of its journey a fruit becomes “good”?

Observe that all depends on the standards we give, the beliefs we follow, the ideals we keep.

If we observe the journey of an apple in a tree, can we say that because it ended up eaten by worms, and not sold in the market, that that was a “bad” experience?

To have the amplitude to observe the “big picture” is to liberate yourself from the chains of beliefs. That observation will automatically change your perception, so there is no need to judge, to control, to compare, as we could understand that wherever the fruit is in time, that is where it is supposed to be.

If we participate in the changing process of a human being, let us recognize when we have a particular interest in the outcome. It is that interest the one which will drive the action. That is how the “I” lies to himself.
“All I wanted to do is help you…” meaning, “all I wanted to do is to take you where I wanted you to be.”

The ultimate amplitude of perspective is called trust.
When we have lost our trust in Life, then we could isolate ourselves in the belief of “protecting” ourselves.

To trust Life, will give us that tranquility, that peace, for after all; there is no difference between “you” and Life.

That requires a different perspective to see, a different consciousness. 🙂

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