Know “your” mind

If a seeker has not confronted his mind, all he has left are beliefs and dogma.

If we are all individuals, how is it possible to be One with all at the same time?

That question could stir up our minds. We could try to come up with theories, beliefs, thoughts, opinions, etc.
If someone’s consciousness is stuck in individuality then Oneness could only be a belief for that person.

Throughout all the writings since Ahnanda appeared, one of the focal points was to share that our perception of Life being either “0” or “1” “yes” or “no” “good” or “bad” is just a perception.
Many are so engaged in “defining” who “we are.”
The other day, I heard that “we are souls.” That is the “0.”
Another says:” We are the brain.” That is the “1.”
Please, observe how senseless is to define “ourselves,” when BEING involves many realms, many layers. In the physical layer, we have perceptions of the senses and a mind willing to arrange everything according to our deepest needs. Those perceptions are far from “reality.”
In the non-physical layer, there are many beings which we are connected to, whether we realize it or not. In that world, there are different “senses” to perceive.

“We are” nothing definable, specific, but according to our perception, that will be our “reality.”

The above is very important, for whatever your experience is at this time, it will change.
Caught up in ideas, we could discuss about what is the “truth,” what is “reality.”
When at the end of the day, all of that is completely, utterly meaningless.

This existence is meant to be experienced and if we could learn to enjoy it, then we “made it,” We “got there,” we became “illuminated,” we will be in “paradise,” etc.

The perception is there. It will change. It is guaranteed. Do you want to spend your time denying it, rejecting it, fighting against it?

There are some who actually want that. Nothing wrong with that, for it is part of their process.

If we invest our self-worth in a particular perception, we will be sorely disappointed when Life shows us, a different perspective.

“What is the truth, then?”
Observe change.

“No! That cannot be the truth. The truth cannot change.”
OK. observe that we have different perspectives. Correct?

“Yes, but only one of us is right and the other is wrong…”
That is your belief. Your concept of “truth.” How does that fit into a Life of continuous change?

When we perceive that we could be lost in concepts, perceptions, truths and ideas, automatically there is understanding beyond the mind.
It is by stepping outside the mind through developing/expressing our feelings, how those things of the mind, will get dismissed.

A new perspective is found!
Enjoyment of Life is not of the mind. The mind is lost in the past and the future unable to enjoy what is now.

At the end, it does not matter if the truth changes or not. Enjoyment is not in knowing that answer. What matters is your experience of enjoyment of Life.
Please see that joy is an attitude that comes when we are at peace with every moment that Life may bring, because there is acceptance and trust. We are taken care of, even if it looks otherwise. Some people call that caregiver as “God.” For me, there is no separation whatsoever, for we are ONE with Life.

It is through that realization how we automatically start discarding all mental activities, beliefs, concepts, ideals to allow for that space of feelings to arrive without any mental disturbances of the past or the future. Enjoyment is a feeling.

Life is like a circus.
Clowns will appear, fight, cry, laugh on the stage.
Shall we judge the clowns as “good” and “bad”?
The magician is performing a trick, a rabbit appears out of his hat.
Shall we proselytize that the “truth” is that it is only an illusion?
An acrobat does amazing feats with his body.
Shall we think that his feat only shows his training? Shall we judge that he spends too much time with his body and not his soul?
The circus is there. We will give a meaning to that circus. Nevertheless, whatever your meaning is…enjoy, appreciate the circus. That is all.

Enjoyment is when the mind is not.
Peace is when the mind is not.
Therefore, start with your mind.

“How do I recognize the mind?”
If you are not enjoying Life as it is, there is a mind not allowing for that to happen.
Do you want to wait until things change?
Yes? There is a lesson behind waiting, but when you are enjoying and not waiting, there is no lesson needed.


  1. SR

    it was beautifully shared dear Sir, thank you:-)
    I was drawn out of my Mind while reading this. I even felt I wasn’t reading.
    So thank u again for sharing your experiences and for your caring for common good.
    🙂 🙂 🙂 .


  2. SaRee

    After reading this last night I was reminded of a few lines from Neale Donald Walsh in Conversations with God….in the midst of the greatest tragedy, see the glory of the process. Even as you die with a bullet through the chest. In a moment of great tragedy, the challange is always to quiet the mind and move deep within the soul.
    I woke up from a dream this morning that tells me this is all sinking in….suddenly the house I was in was being carried away by a raging river, the speed kept increasing. I remember my thought process…wondering how this happened, if my house was going to be torn apart by the water, if I’d live. I told myself “we’ll see what happens” and i enjoyed this scary exciting ride and the process. My house stopped on a new bank, i got out and I said to myself “how shall I make this new location home?”
    I hold loosely a thought that life kicks up bigger and bigger challanges to strengthen our being to its core. If life gives you a raging river…float on top of it, go where it takes you, turn it into lemonade and enjoy the beauty of your creation and the freedom of your triumph.
    Your blogging is very helpful for my remembering 🙂 Thank You for your devotion to it Ahnanda!


    • ahnanda

      Beautiful sharing there, SaRee! Every challenge will bring more about ourselves that we didn’t know about. That is why, to live Life means to know ourselves. Is there anything other than that? Rich, poor, famous, unknown, healthy, sick, beautiful, ugly…There are many types of those things in us: rich in insight, poor in manners, unknown to himself, healthy of body, sick of the mind, beauty of a smile, ugliness of disposition…Are we ready to see it, acknowledge it and let it change “naturally”?

      Thank you for your continuous support! 🙂


  3. Shekinah

    Brother – Very well written. If only it is that easy to wait/observe and not act when your Mind is racing @ lightening speed.. isn’t observing and waiting for a change not a thought in it self?

    What lesson is life teaching if some one does not even have basic necessities to survive, abused physically/mentally ? – will be hard to develop acceptance and trust.

    Love to see your response


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