Facing to heal

When the “I” is hurt through an experience, there could be revenge or there could be surrendering as a reaction. Either way, the “I” cannot let go or move on, for the pain will not allow it.

When a person speaks of the need for emotional or psychological healing, that person is describing a traumatic experience, which wasn’t allowed to dissolve through the full process.

That experience could come from many lives before, but the pain will be triggered through different experiences in our current life.

A person who lacks awareness will only point a finger onto the culprit of his woes, or try to get rid of the “source” of his pain, or even become submissive of a greater force than himself.

All of those reactions are merely there to reject the experience.
To be submissive is to reject our own self worth.

Suzie had issues with her mother from an early age. Her mother was very bossy, thinking that she was right all the time. Suzie couldn’t express herself well. She would keep an experience that she perceived as unjust towards her, in her heart… the “unconscious.”

Suzie developed problems with her digestion which had a psychological origin; however, doctors kept medicating her for a physical problem. Life continued on and those resentments surfaced in Suzie. As the mother became older, she wasn’t the same. Life taught her to tone down, she became almost like a child, but Suzie’s resentment and anger were unleashed towards her mother. “Time to get even,” Suzie thought.
Suzie left the house and she swore never to see her mother again after all the things that she had done to her…

“Time will heal,” we say; but it doesn’t.
Time only covers the wounds.
Those wounds will be open again at some other time.

When the “I” suffers from an experience; there may be a need for “time off.”
That is the time to recuperate and build ourselves up.

General wisdom will advice: “ Move on, forget the past.”
The trauma cannot be forgotten, it will resurface until we realize that we need to face the issue.

“The issues are in the tissues,” and they will resurface as long as fear and our inability to face things is not realized.

Suzie may have the space to recuperate. She may have the space to fill herself with peace, but unless she realizes her attraction towards violence as away to punish herself, she will continually look for violence towards her being: Self-inflicted or not.
Her mother was the trigger and the source to give the opportunity for Suzie to heal.

Why does Suzie punish herself?
There is guilt in her. That guilt needs to be dissolved. The typical word used is “forgiven.”
Suzie may not see it as it is easier to blame the obvious: “Her mother is a witch.” Yes, her mother has her own issues to deal with, but in a household of 3 kids, only one of them was affected as much as Suzie did. In Life, nothing is a random event. The web of interactions is exactly as it needs to be.

We could easily say: “That is Suzie’s karma” but that does not bring any solution to her woes. “You acted wrong in another Life, now you have to pay for it.”

That is a story for little children.

We may need to deal with what is “now” and Life will bring the tools and resources to do it, if we are ready; if the “I” will allow it by not holding onto beliefs, but by having the courage to face the truth as it changes, as it unfolds…

If that emotion is “let go,” then the time to move on has arrived.
The proof that the issue is gone is in Suzie’s interaction with her mother and not in running away and using the “spiritual buzzwords” of “letting go and moving on.”

Therefore, it is in the moment when Suzie faces her mother empty of that guilt, when she will know if she is healed from previous traumatic experiences.

Please keep this in your awareness: Every experience in Life only will show us who we are. Nothing wrong with that. Just become aware of it.

When Suzie is empty of that inner-guilt, there is no outside violence, which will be a magnet for her.

“When do we move on and let go, then?”
When there is no space in us for that type of wound to appear.
When Suzie has dealt with her guilt and she is able to feel appreciation and compassion for her mother, then she could move on and let go of the past and that will be without effort, it will be as natural as watching a rainy day from the comfort of our home.
We could see the beauty, the uniqueness… but we will not get soaking wet.

“Love” will then have a different dimension in Suzie’s heart.
She is healed. 🙂


    • ahnanda

      … 🙂 Yes, Jade…or believe that is protecting “something…” Lost in beliefs, there is no time to live, experience and enjoy.


  1. SaRee

    Alright so if SaRee were Suzie. She healed her relationship with her mother whom now is her friend. Her self image has already shattered in the mirror of a trying relationship. She feels she has learned & paid enough for whatever wrongs she did this life and others. She believes the guilt that bound her is dissolved. Blame is not her game. Revenge has no appeal. Submission isnt her desire….
    Where is her worth? She is aware of worth being an issue in 2 of her most previous lives. Where is her worth, she does not know?. Does worth come from ego? And lack of worth from ego as well. Is worth simply in EXPERIENCE of oneness?
    Sounds like Suzie and I have a couple things in common 😉 If Suzie were a mango and she put herself in a brown paper bag would she ripen faster like you can do with fruit?
    My graditude to you always Ahnanda!


    • ahnanda

      Thank you for your well thought out, elaborated comment.
      We could believe many things; in fact, those beliefs are the ones which will become an obstacle to our inner change. Beliefs have their timing. We do not know when is enough to believe in something, but Life will show us. We could accept that or reject it. A rejection will keep things as they always have been, thus suffering will be there for sure…but nothing wrong with suffering… for it is exactly where we want to be… What is the issue? To believe that “I” am something and not to see the changing something.

      Your worth is in your uniqueness. I am worth because “I am unique” and so are you. When we forget about that, we could feel worthless when we compare, when things are not working the way we want, when another person dominates us, we forget about our uniqueness and we BELIEVE that we are not that we do not deserve. Thus, to explore what is what makes you unique is very important for your self-worth. To learn to love yourself, whether you consider that to be your body, your soul or whatever other definition, is of outmost importance because at that point “others” do not play a role in how you feel about you.

      Avyakt7 was put into a brown paper bag by Life for the last 3 years before Ahnanda arrived… but that is not something that the “I” can choose… it just happens when the time is “ripe.” 🙂 In the meantime, enjoy your uniqueness… Give compliments/ kudos to yourself! 🙂
      All the best to you!


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