The opposites have the same Nature

Our upbringing and moral standards have taught us to choose and prefer one side of duality and to reject the other side. That teaching is far from the experience that Life gives, thus; artificial, unnatural… An illusion.

We have been taught to build a personality based on “choice.” Nevertheless, for an unaware human being there cannot be choice, but simply cause and effect.

If John believes that he has chosen his profession or that he likes vanilla ice cream better than chocolate, he could be happy with those “choices.” Nevertheless, John has never questioned the reason why he likes vanilla more than chocolate, or why he has chosen a particular profession over another. That lack of “depth,” will prompt him to believe that “he is making more choices.”

As we gain further awareness, we could see that through that cause and effect, who we “are” right now is only the product of the past.

Through further “education,” we have been taught that we could change that “reality,” by “making choices.”

“Choose good over bad.” “Choose right over wrong.” “Choose spiritual over material.”

Doesn’t that sound marvelous?
Actually it is completely artificial and unrealistic.
Do we choose “good” by fighting “evil”? Do we choose “good” by rejecting “evil”?
Oh! We choose “good” by not DOING “evil”?
Actually, we DO what we ARE. BEING is the important key element to acknowledge, to observe. Observation is the DOING, for when we are aware… the shift will start.

The duality of “good and evil” share the same nature. Only the degrees will change. A what point heat becomes cold? A what point good becomes evil? Is there a “line” separating that duality?

It is just a subjective matter. Yes, right or wrong is a matter of subjective agreement.

John could be in jail for stealing. If John becomes “Robin Hood,” he could still go to jail, but now that stealing has lesser of an impact, less degrees of it.

Because of the above, God and the Devil share the same exact nature.
Because they are opposite of each other. Two opposite extremes of the same nature, just like cold and heat.

Am I trying to cause a revolution of ideals and moral standards?
No. I am not trying to “DO” anything. I am just sharing a bit of depth perhaps for some, and stupidity for others.

By all means respect the law, moral standards, the religious dogmas, the beliefs and opinions of others… be mindful that we are living in a society…but deep inside know that there is not an inch of absolute righteousness or absolute truth in all of them. It is a mixture of subjective agreements.

That is why as the “Life walker” becomes more aware, more conscious, he will realize that by observing and following the principles that Nature displays, Life will be more “Natural.”
The Natural laws are there waiting to be recognized and observed.

If you raise yourself, you will fall. Why do you fall?
To learn how to pick yourself up! That is just an answer, but not “the answer.”
If you didn’t have self, you wouldn’t fall… but neither raise up.
Self creates the duality, the choice, and with that… the “black and white” laws.


  1. Raina

    Thank you dear Sir, :-)for the clue which is enough for bringing awareness into ‘the process’.
    But I think answers are yet to come…until then I will keep reading your sharings and relating with experiences…


  2. Raina

    Hello Sir 🙂
    I have some questions regarding GOD and Devil… I don’t know if it is appropriate or not..
    Are they the same SOUL?
    what is the relation between Soul, GOD and Devil?
    thanking you and hoping for such Qs. to transform into realisation through your help..:-)


    • ahnanda

      Raina: I wouldn’t want to interfere with your own searching process…But let me give you a clue on this: You are caught up with the word SOUL. 🙂


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