What is better?

What is better?

To inhale or to exhale? To go right or to go left? To go up or to go down? To stand up or to sit down? To give or to receive? To learn or to unlearn?

Looking for the “right” answer, our lives get caught up with something which cannot be divided. Then we find our morality based on duality, our “spirituality” based on the nourishment of the ego, our Gods and Devils fighting for our loyalty…

Isn’t it true that if we inhale, we must exhale? For how long can we stand up without sitting down?

A religion, moral code, law or tradition may imply the following: “To stand up is the right thing to do.” “Better dead than to sit down.” “We should give to others. We shouldn’t receive from others…”

I read someplace that “Light will drive out darkness.” The implication is: Light =good, Darkness=bad.

Light does not drive out anything. Light and darkness are different intensities of the same thing.  That is a process… It is not a light switch to turn on or off. As  Life changes; then the intensity will vary. Light will change into lesser light until it becomes darkness. In turn, Darkness will change into lesser darkness until it becomes light. It is cyclical, like everything in Nature, in Life.

Is there a need for an “I” or ego to do something about it by speeding things up?

No! That change just happens; but yet moralists, extremists, religions and dualistic minds are lost in the misunderstanding of praising one side of duality and rejecting the other side.

Let me call Darkness with the label “Evil.” Let me support the “good” idea of getting rid of evil. Let me fight against evil, let me reject evil with all my soul, with all my heart…” I”  am sooo “good.” 🙂

As long as Good exists, there must be Evil.

Darkness cannot be darkness all the time, for there is always change.

Darkness will change… It may not change when “I” want it to change, for there is a process, which needs to be respected.

What do “I” DO to make that change?

BE the change.  Become aware of your own process by letting go of the burden of ideas, beliefs and past traumas. That “doing” is true “spirituality” (just to give it a label) for it is living Life in freedom.

Free to enjoy, free to smile, free to wonder, free to BE.
That is all. Everything else will take care of itself, by itself.

“But what about the poor children in Africa, or the needy in a third world country… “I” need to DO something to help them… I cannot be sitting here just watching, doing nothing!”

If it is in your heart to ACT, then ACT. But do not keep count of your “good” deed, your legacy, for then that will be enhancing your ego…then you will not be DOING this for “them” but for your own sake. Don’t do it because it is “morally right,” for then your DOING is driven by your egotistical belief, your idea of what should be “right.” Do it out of your BEING compassion… BUT, do not make yourself believe that “You are compassionate.”

Let it BE, let it express without any further thought, any further belief  or any idea of how “good” or “spiritual” or “angelic” you are… You are not what you believe to Be.

Throw away your baggage, your learned ideals, your beliefs.

That true BEING is raw, unrehearsed, authentic, honest…that BEING has the heart of an innocent child.

“Religious spirituality” is so caught up with trying to be “good,” that it does the opposite in a human mind.


Because of its intrinsic rejection of what they consider to be “bad.”

Everything is relative.. and that is an absolute… 🙂

Those who can understand, will. Those who cannot understand…will do it at another time… their own time.

Until November 30th! Going for a vacation… 🙂



  1. samira labidi

    thank you brother .good vacation.i am a BK but what you write help me to understand many things.then the life is more happy.

  2. eva

    Dearest Ahnanda , you’ve done it again . Every words of yours make sense . Have a glorious holiday !! If you are coming this way , please pop in and say hello . Infinite Gratitude 🙂

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