The “only” path

Polarity is not a theory, an idea, a religious dogma. It is the observation that in Life everything moves, changes, evolves. That evolution is merely a circle into itself.
The “only” path is to experience what you think is your path, in addition to its complete opposite. That is the complete experience necessary for a change of consciousness.

If I was to condense all “spiritual” paths that someone could follow to reach a “higher” state; there are only 2 which in a way are opposite of each other.
1) The path of Yoga.
2) The path of Tantra.
Yoga is the path of duality. It is the path of “union” with something “higher” such as God, the Cosmos, etc. We are incomplete, longing for completeness. In order to reach that completeness, an inner struggle, inner fight is required, for the “higher” self to control the “lower” self. This is the path for reaching an ideal, it is the path for controlling behavior, circumstances and even moral standards. This is the path of the “I.”

Most religions, are following the path of yoga. The appeal of yoga comes because it is easy to understand.
For instance, if someone realizes that lust is his problem, then the solution is easy: Avoid sex and anything sexual. Reject that.
If the problem is alcohol, then reject it. Avoid it. Consider it as a temptation. It is the “Devil.”
The union with a higher something such as God is validated through the rejection of that which is considered “lower.”

Tantra is Totality. There is unity already. Openness will bring that consciousness of unity. Everything is sacred already.
Is sex a problem? Embrace it. Is alcohol an issue? Drink until there is no tomorrow. Experience being wasted….
Obviously, without the necessary consciousness, Tantra is misinterpreted as debauchery by the masses.
No wonder most moralists think that this path is detrimental, because it will take the follower into the bottom of himself.
No wonder that Tantra is synonymous of “sensual indulgence” for the masses. The pretext to “practice it,” is to reach “illumination.”

Here is the catch:
Practice Yoga long enough, repress yourself long enough, reject what seems to you as evil, bad, ugly, etc. long enough…and you will go into the opposite sooner or later. If you resist, your body will break down. Premature death or disease will be the price…

What is the opposite to be experienced?
Debauchery. This is what is known as “Tantra” by the masses; however it is far from it.

Notice that the above individual has experienced the full range of experiences. Consciousness doesn’t move an inch, until the full experience according to our destiny, has been experienced. This could take many life times, every individual has his own path.

Then… Change of consciousness will appear.
The “I” surrenders.

At that point, Yoga will be about “union.” That will not be “union” of 2 or more egos. The ego is shaken through the journey of opposites. Polarity.
Life experiences will bring that situation and not a human method.

After that “surrender,” Tantra is no longer about debauchery, but about enjoyment, innocence and to appreciate life in the moment. Everything is sacred.
You are already “there,” but opening the possibilities that Life may offer. You are “there,” due to the dissolution of that “I.”

What is the difference between Tantra before surrendering the ego and after that?
Different state of consciousness. That is all.

Roger Rabbit was a womanizer. He left many women and many children father-less in his adventures.
In his following Life times, he started to change. In one of his life times, he became a monk.
Do you see the journey? Isn’t that Tantra then Yoga?
What is left?
To surrender that “I,” that ego…. That is not something which could be done by thinking about it or by practicing stuff…It happens when we are ready.

Life is continuity. A different story, a different chapter… but paradoxically, the same theme: To go up, just to go down. To go left, just to go right. To be Bad, just to be Good… To Be, just not to BE.

What is there to “choose”? What is there to accomplish?

Smile. Everything is just fine.




  1. Gayathri

    Dear divine brother, Om shanti. i too am happy to see you back again… but i have a question. 🙂
    Tantra (in India) means something else than what you have explained in your blog. In brief, Tantra means – 1. a Hindu or Buddhist mystical or magical text, dating from the 7th century or earlier. 2. adherence to the doctrines or principles of the tantras, involving mantras, meditation, yoga, and ritual.
    It sounds ‘logical’ when you explain that we spontaneously shift from one extreme to the other with passing of time… but where is the need to label it as Tantra which has totally a different meaning? If you are very particular on labeling this process, please choose a different word. And if needed, i can supply you a few words for a nominal fee. 🙂
    Gayathri ben.

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