The nature of virtues and vices

In a “Black or White” mentality there are only 2 options, which are separated by a line drawn by someone’s moral standard.
That standard is utterly convenient, static and meant to separate the virtuous from the sinner, thus supporting a dogma. At the end, the dogma is the bottom line, not the feeling of happiness.

If we understand the implications of polarity in our lives, we could see that courage and fear are opposites, therefore; they have the same nature, they are connected as cold and heat are.

Do we see the connection between cold and heat?

Two extremes of the same thing. What is cold or hot becomes a subjective matter until someone draws a line. Morality appears and the division of “good” and “bad” is born.

When our minds are lost in duality, we are unable to see the above. We can only see 2 different things, 2 opposites and then we will choose one side and reject the other.

That is the way our society, our mental make up, our dogmatic views have survived for so long, implying the separation between feeling and thinking.

Obviously, that has created problems in our mental health.
“Anger is “bad.” Avoid it. God does not like angry people. Conquer anger to become an angel.”
Yet, we are told at the same time to be compassionate.

The same energetically source making up anger, makes up compassion.
Two extremes of the same thing.
Therefore, the answer is not to reject, to fight, to conquer; but to transform, to change the polarity of that which is taking place, for that we need to acknowledge, observe, allow it to be without judgment… and see its potential.

The Super-hero “Green Lantern,” wasn’t chosen by the magic ring because he was fearless, but because he had the ability to transform that fear into courage.

Self-transformation is not about denying lust, anger, ego, etc. for those extremes make up altruistic feelings, compassion and egolessness at the same time.
That is why, we are complete as we are. We ARE everything already.

Are you hot and want to be cool?
Don’t move.
Are you cold and want to be hot?

Isn’t that simple? Do we need to use our minds full of preconceptions, traditions, teachings, beliefs, etc. to comply with the “black or white” mentality?

To move is “good.” Not to move is “bad.”

One of the first things for a seeker to understand is that he cannot rely on his mind, for the mind is past which is no longer present.
It is future, which is no longer present.

To live in the “now” is basically to recognize what is mind.
The mind is like a book and we follow it to the dot. That information has some benefit, but it is not the ultimate truth.
“You” are, when “you” are not the mind. Time-less, in the “now.”

Aren’t virtues and vices the same thing with different polarity?

Isn’t the journey to go from one side to the other of those extremes, just to come back?

Isn’t the ego the one taught to DO things, to fix things according to the information residing in the mind?

How is newness possible in that state?

We may need to learn to observe our mind.
Perhaps we will discover that ‘black or white’ are not the only colors.

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