No-I and Witnessing (Detached observer.)

Caught up in the “reality” of the “I,” there cannot be witnessing until there is “No-I.”

When the “I” becomes “real,” a static entity with a personality who divides the world and himself as 2 different things; then our mind set of individuality arises.
Within that individuality is how our traditions, belief systems and perspective of reality are shaped.

A new consciousness is to be open to experience “no-I” as the other aspect of polarity, which will make our range of perception complete.
This is not just “knowing,” but to experience it, to live it. At that point, the question “who I am” is senseless.

Predestination and Free Will are inventions of the “I.”
Therefore, the question: “Are we predestined or do we have free will?” is completely out of the way, senseless.

Life may be a circular range of opposites but complementary energies (polarity) meant to self sustain itself through the processes of “creation” and “destruction.”
Those processes are experienced as “life stories” by the experiencers, that is how the “I” becomes “real.”
However, those who “experience” are truly part of the story as well.

Until there is “no-I.”
Then, there is witnessing of the story.
There is no one witnessing, but there is only witnessing.
Nothing “personal.”
That is where the “soul” comes into the picture.
It is empty. Void of personality. We are that emptiness.
Who I am?
Emptiness… therefore, everything. Totality. Like an empty glass, a container… like a window space a door space… Not the door or the window itself, but the space, the empty space.

Do I have to make effort to be a “detached observer”?
Isn’t that the “I” making effort? The “I” wanting to become someone? Isn’t that the same “I” wanting paradise for himself?

Be Conscious, aware.

The range of experiences moves spontaneously, for we are not separated from the story, from Life.
Consciousness is that which all living beings have in common. Different type of consciousness, yes; but consciousness nevertheless.

That is why there is no one who can change their own consciousness, as that perception of being an “I” is part of the story, part of Life… it will change by itself as Life is change, and as we live, we change, we evolve, nothing is static, not even that “I”…. But our mind dwells on static, comfortable, secure things…
The mind says that “I” am static, when all there is static about this persona is the name, a label.

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