Doing takes you to non-doing

“Why do you say that “there is no need to do anything” to go into a different consciousness? That is like implying that laziness is “good.” If I don’t do things, how am I to improve?”

You are interpreting based on what you know.

I have explained about “polarity” and how the experience of going through the apparent opposites will bring change of consciousness. That change is “natural.” It is not a change of behavior artificially labeled as “change of consciousness.”

It is not about doing something 1000 times due to the belief that repetition will bring change of consciousness.

It does not. It only changes behavior and dulls the mind.

Once you have gone left and right. Once you have gone up and down, then at that point; there is no need to go at any other place. There is no need to do anything else. It is at that moment when change of consciousness may happen.You are DOING NOTHING.
On the other hand, if there is space for more traveling either left or right, up or down, then you must DO something to get there. Once you get there, there will not be a need to DO ANYTHING. You are ready to change.

You see, DOING something is neither “good” nor “bad.” It is just a way to gather further experiences in Life which will eventually conduct someone into DOING NOTHING. You are done with the range of experiences, thus change can happen.

You may join a religion a philosophy or a particular teaching. That religion may promise you a change of consciousness. It will not happen unless to join that religion was the experience needed in your journey to complete the range of experiences in your particular path… then comes DOING NOTHING.

A religion cannot change consciousness. What changes consciousness is the completion of a range of experiences such as being a sinner just to become a saint. Being a saint by itself will not change consciousness, unless you have been sinner as well. This is not something that someone can “plan out” for his Life, for it will not be “natural” but just artificial stuff driven by a mind full with ego. To do that is not “bad” either, for there is learning in that experience.

That “I” does not exist but as long as you believe that it does… You are bound to DO stuff… actions … which are needed in your path until the time when you don’t need to DO things arrives…The “I” is not doing anymore…

“Are we predestined then to go through that path of polarity?”

No we are not. There is no “I.”
Who could be predestined then?

The whole thing is for the “I” to realize that it is also “no-I.” To realize that is not about being “I” or “not-I,” but to be both and none at the same time… so in the beginning we may look for answers, later on we may not… Not because we have found the answer, but because we realize that the “answer” is never “the answer.”

“So… we cannot find an answer?”

Yes we can… but there are many other answers that are “the answer” as well…

“I don’t understand…”

Good. That is how understanding arrives… When you cease to look for understanding.
In your Life experience, understanding will arrive when you are ready. Not before.

That understanding is non intellectual, therefore complete. That understanding cannot be explained to others.

That is why, you need to walk your own journey to know. Otherwise, you could only think, imagine, infer, read, hear… and move miles away from “what is” …until there is no place to go…then you will not think, imagine, infer, read or hear, for you have been there and done that.

Got it? 🙂

Whether Yes or No… both are “good” answers… 🙂

“What do I do then… while I live Life?”

Enjoy your unique journey. That is all.



  1. bk meena

    Dear Brother/sister,

    i wanna asked you one question if a person are which are doing fraud with many peoples and also cheated us borrowed a big amount from us and still not returned us then what we have understand by this is my karmic account settled or i have created new one??

    please reply me its very urgent

    thanks N regards

    Bk Meena

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