The choice to be happy

You said that we are not predestined, then we have free will… right?

You are inferring that we have “free will” just because I said that we are not predestined.
I said that there is no “I.” Therefore, predestination or “free will” are both non-existent, but only if our consciousness is engaged in the perception that something static, such as the “I” exists.

Most religions are coming from the perception of the “I” as a reality. The “I” has to become someone in the future. The “I” has to attain something such as Paradise. The “I” has the “free will” to do it.
Please observe that it is not a question of “I want to do it” only, but “you” must be ready, ripe enough so the doing does not come as an imposition, as something forced due to an idea, a belief.
For instance, I have shared many times the importance of learning to live alone. It is part of the path of self-knowledge. Many individuals may agree, that it is “good” but very few will be ready to do it, as a matter of fact the situations, circumstances will not allow it if we are not ready.
It is important to observe that this “I” is not separated from Life although “I” may get an impression that “I” am separated.

A few days ago, I ran into a work friend who I haven’t seen for 3 years or so. Life brought an opportunity to re-connect. Whether we connect or not after that meeting does not depend on “my free will.” It depends on timing, the circumstances, where we are in Life and the observation that we are not the same after 3 years.

We may say: “It was by chance that I ran into this person,” but we are not looking at the whole picture, destiny, the movie of Life and how the different threads move. Definitely there was a reason, although; the right word is not “reason” as Life does not operate through a “reason” but rather is like a piece in the puzzle of Life going in place.

Another example: Many individuals are experiencing an abusive relationship. They know that they need to “get out” of it… but they will not. They have another agenda in their minds, which they could label as “love” but they will not leave until the situation becomes unbearable, until suffering has reached its utmost… then, they will call that as leaving the relationship due to “free will” or because of a “realization.”

You see?

Happiness is not a “choice” then…”

Good observation. Many times I hear through different “spiritual” literature, that “happiness is a choice.”
That is only meant to inspire people who are lost in the perception of the “I.”
Moreover, the idea is that if they do not “choose happiness,” they are wasting time… Observe how absurd is to compare Life with the “time is money” mentality. No one is wasting time, for exactly what they are doing, is what is supposed to be.
No one is going to become “enlightened” if there is a decision to meditate 24 hours a day rather than 1 hour, in order not to “waste time.”
Life does not work only to support human thinking and objectives.
That mindset believes that spirituality is a continuation of our society’s ways, values and mentality.
Happiness is not a choice. It is a state of BEING… and BEING like consciousness is not in the hands of the “I” to change.
Happiness is not just a smile, an easy going personality “happy go lucky,” happiness does not appear as a goal, as some “objective in the future to achieve.” It is not something that we “get.”

You ARE happy without a choice, right now, without a thought, without an objective… it comes to you when you are in complete acceptance of your BEING, for that; it is a process of BEING.
Acceptance is just a word to describe the openness to fuse with Life.

What is the “choice” to be happy, if most do not know where to start? Suffering with moments of elation is what most know. How to reach happiness then?
Nevertheless, to buy a car may be labeled as “happiness” by some. To get a degree, a job, a spouse, a house, a kid, etc.
All of those things are not related with BEING, thus the experience is short lived, thus the need to continually look for something else, something to achieve, a desire to fulfill…

Paradoxically in that state of continuous anxiety to accomplish, to “get” happiness…. Happiness is not in sight.

When we say “I am happy”… Happiness has gone away, for happiness is not framed by time nor a belief that I have about “reaching happiness.”

To understand how time-less is BEING is to observe how limited our definition and concept of happiness could be.



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