Why is there so much suffering?

Could we say that it is “our choice” to suffer?

That is ridiculous.
Suffering is in proportional relationship to the extent of the “I,” the ego. That is not a choice, but part of experiencing Life: To go to one side of the range of experiences, just to go to the other.
Thereby, why insist in the popular “happiness is our choice”?

Some want to get away from suffering, not realizing about the size of their ego, their “I.”
Suffering is their medicine, to reduce that oversized “I.”

Could suffering be “bad” then? 🙂
Many are hoping for a God to save them from that suffering, to give them eternal bliss and happiness… Observe that their level of consciousness hasn’t reached the maturity for self-discovery; however, those individuals are in the process of getting there… little by little.
That is why wherever someone “is” in Life, that is “good” for there can only be change.

Change does not happen as quickly, when the “I” opposes to Life, as the “I” insists in being something different than Life, to be separated from it.

Any ideas that we are invested into which promote our static personality; those things will be a way to slow down our own evolution.

We could then think that we need to get rid of the “I” for happiness to prevail.

That is just an idea, a belief of a mind centered in duality. The simplistic thought goes something like:
If the “I” causes suffering, then let us get rid of the “I.”
Let us create methods to do it.
Let us pray to a god to liberate us from suffering.
Let us believe that we have a choice to step out of our own process and become someone, just because “I” want it.
Do you want to expedite your own change? Make it a quicker process? Do you want a shortcut?

Life does not work that way. We must walk the path. We will take every single step of the way.
Thus, enjoy the process.

The caterpillar becomes a butterfly. The butterfly will become dust.
Our society is so “happy” to choose the butterfly over the caterpillar or over dust… A religion would like us to believe that a butterfly is “better” than a caterpillar, but it is obvious that it is the same thing but transformed…and that we are conveniently forgetting dust as part of the process of transformation.

It is the awareness of the process, the experience itself what brings insight to every individual. That insight is first hand knowledge.

In Life, no one can give you knowledge. All they can give you is information, just like reading Wikipedia.

Can knowledge liberate us from suffering?

Knowledge when it comes from your own experience  liberates you from suffering by allowing you to integrate that suffering as part of living Life, as part of the process… It becomes a push for further change if the “I” does not make a trauma out of that.

That is that CHANGE in a nutshell: To integrate all aspects in Life.
When there is complete acceptance of it as continuous change … it is no longer suffering. We know everything will change.
That is when the struggle of the caterpillar will terminate, and will allow it to become that butterfly. The inner fight makes it into a painful process; until we give up, surrender, accept it, become open to it…many words to convey the same experience.

The caterpillar, the butterfly and dust, have many things in common.
but different timing, different circumstances, different setting.
We ARE always different.

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