While we are taught to accomplish important things, to always DO things, to make a name for ourselves, to leave a legacy behind ourselves, to improve, to become better, holier, godly, etc. Our mind remains busy in the future, in a task believed to shape us up,  to take us there, to fit the ideal, the promise…

The idea behind that perception is that we are imperfect, we need to make that change…Thus, religions and moralists are there to “help us,” for they know exactly where to go, where to lead us; after all… they have the “right” answers.

Somehow those “answers” have not taken a man into BEING a genuine human being, but into the “sinner “ mentality: Full of fear, guilt and shame.
Those 3 types of energies are blocking us from living in fulfillment. Those 3 types of energies are spread out in our society in one way or another.

My neighbor keeps yelling at his dog named “Lucky,” as “Bad dog.” Fortunately for “Lucky,” he doesn’t have a clue of what is “good” or “bad; ” otherwise the dog will develop fear, guilt and shame. Nevertheless, the “master” feels a sense of self-righteousness, a sense of knowing exactly what is moral and immoral, a sense of power over the dog. He is playing “God” with the dog.

However, the dog is truly intelligent. “Lucky” will play out the sinner role in front of the master:  Tail under hind legs, with a look of repentance in the eyes… which will vanish a few seconds later.
“Lucky” has mastered the art of just holding that look long enough to make his master “happy.” Then “Lucky” will keep playing and acting  as if nothing has happened. It is that untainted innocence the one that his master may never know about.

The dog is fulfilled in ignorance. A typical human being is not, even with knowledge.


It is a matter of innocense.
For instance, a child is pure. Not because he does not know lust, anger, greed, etc. A child is pure because of his innocence.

As a child grows up, then “teachings,” come into his experience. BEING is replaced by DOING.
A particular DOING is promoted by teachings, laws, moral standards, dogmas, beliefs, superstitions, etc.
That DOING supersedes BEING.

That “knowledge” takes away the innocence of the child. He becomes “impure.”

Shall we reject that “knowledge” then?
No. It is part of the growth of a child. Part of his experiences. Society cannot function without that particular “knowledge.”
The “I” is born fully through that “knowledge” and with that the separation with Life.
The feeling after that “change” may be as if we do not fit anymore there. We feel misunderstood.

That stage is part of experiencing the different flavors that Life could offer. It is not a traumatic experience, but a flavor.
A rebel may reject society. That rejection will need to dissolve in him, for any rejection does not bring growth but stagnation. We become complaisant, comfortable with our “knowledge.”

Knowledge cannot come from the outside. It will come through experiencing Life. Then, it is no longer knowledge but insight. It is that insight the one that could bring wisdom, fulfillment.

In Life, we go through the dichotomy of ignorance and knowledge just to find that insight above knowledge, that which cannot be written down as a law for “all” to practice, follow to become “good.”
It is not by separating but by opening that “I” how the emptiness of fulfillment arrives.
Fulfillment is like an empty room. Open for different possibilities of décor.

It is no longer the longing for a particular piece of furniture “there,” but the appreciation of “what is.”

Until January 4th 2016! 🙂


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