Question(s) on God and whimsical people

Does God exist? If so, why I cannot speak with him? I had experiences with Him but when I want a reply back, my mind interferes.

Thank you for your question.
I have changed the way your question was phrased in an attempt to fit the “common good.”
If you give a name to God to fit your religious views, that is not the common good.

You said that you have experienced God, but the only “problem” that you have is “how to talk with God.”
Then you go on in recognizing that your mind maybe playing tricks on you. You assume that you will hear a voice talking back to you.

Most want just a dry, dead, intellectual answer: “Does God exist, “yes/no” and why, for those answers, below some links.
There is a question to the “Hollywood stars,” perhaps the “experts,” about the existence of God. Observe how they answer. Their responses/experiences are as good as anyone else’s, but their responses only create further beliefs, further questions, more doubts… If you believe in their responses, you still will not know. You will replace your belief or lack of it, for the authority coming from the Hollywood star. Your belief is truly in that actor/actress now. That is your faith. 🙂

The same will happen if I reply with a “yes/no” answer. My opinion is not better than anyone else’s and you will be still confused because you want for someone to tell you the “right answer.”
But… that is your own journey to discover.

To know if God exists or doesn’t, you may need to go through the duality of believing and not believing.
Just as it may  have happened with Santa Claus when you were a kid.
Santa exists and he doesn’t. It all depends in your state of consciousness at a particular time of your life. Whether you believe that Santa is real or not, does not matter a bit. What matters is the gift that you may have received or given because of Santa. That experience will foster inner growth and not to “know” if Santa exists or not.

You may join many religions, you may become an atheist, you may be a priest, etc. Those Life experiences will give you the answer, an insight.

You see, you cannot define God, you cannot say that God belongs to a particular religion or a religion “has rights over Him” for that definition has placed a limit and then every person’s “spiritual experience” becomes a different definition of God… so there are as many Gods as definitions or “experiences” coming from different people.
The aspect of the “common good” needs to be remembered while answering your question.
There are many people coming here to read these articles from different kind of consciousness.
The “right answer” needs to change according to the individual for the common good to prevail.

For example, I could teach Timmy (a 5 year old) how to add. I could tell Timmy that once he masters addition, “he will be able to deal with the world of grown ups.”

This statement is just to support and to give an extra push to his effort to learn addition. However, I wouldn’t disclose to him that there is something called “multiplication,” which will make things easier for him while adding repetitive numbers. That will only confuse him. Timmy is not ready for multiplication yet… but he will be.

Therefore, the common good is about respect of the timing of all individuals, thus; my response merely encourages you to continue with your own particular journey and to find your own answers.

Here a little something: As you found out, your mind is the issue.
Any true spirituality deals with the “now” and that is possible when the mind has been understood not intellectually but experientially. Thus, I suggest that rather than dealing with a “yes/no” answer about God, you could observe your own mind and learn from it. That learning experience will clarify your question and you will know, without asking.

In my view, to go fully into your own mind will uncover your true nature, once you find that; you may know God or anything else. As long as the mind is not understood, “addition” is all you will be able to grasp.

All the best to you.

Is whimsical trait a disorder? How to deal with whimsical People?

Thank you for your question. It just depends who you ask. For a psychologist to be whimsical may be a disorder, for the rest of us “normal.”

How to deal with whimsical people?

With love, of course.

All the best to you.



  1. Dinesh C

    Hey brother,
    thank u so much for answering my question, and it made me realize that may be what I have concluded about God in my journey till now is correct. I don’t know but coming to a conclusion will actually help me in believing his existence. I think he is pure “silence”, absolute silence. It’s like what I have pictured in my mind as God (point of light), I am just focused on it. No waves of thoughts for sometime… but that give rise to another question.. 🙂

    Why that state of being in absolute silence last only for like 15 to 20 seconds? And then again some thought (which is created by me) arises. May be I need to practice more. Don’t know whether that is called state of samadhi or not. But I am definitely experiencing something beautiful.

    Now I just want you to elaborate a bit on “Why the state of absolute silence in meditation last only for like half a minute?” And What samadhi is?

    Thank u so much brother,

  2. ahnanda

    I appreciate your questions. Please realize that you are still engaged in intellectual things. Caught up in labels and “beautiful” experiences…in beliefs. These “spiritual” things are not about intellectual understanding of words such as “samadhi, god, silence, meditation.” If you want that, just google those words. You will find plenty of definitions which don’t mean a thing in Life.

    Observe and Be aware. Conscious. That is all. Let the other things happen to you. Let them happen. Perhaps you will discover the extent of that “I.”
    All the best to you! 🙂

  3. Shalini Bajpai

    Kindly tell what is the extent of i..ive gone to the level of experiencing silence for few moments that too after struggling for 7 years in bk gyan..but not experienced god yet ..but very desperate..please help..not yet able to experience god or even the paramdham…hope u will not say that paramdham is only a concept not a reality…or something which is merely a definition…with due regards but your this approach confuses me..may be you are in some superior consciousness of beyond i or something…but kindly explain me relating with my lower consciousness of i ness…

    • ahnanda

      Your consciousness of “I-ness” needs a God to survive. It needs parandham, heaven, etc. Then please search into that.
      Avyakt7 used to talk a lot about that. His articles are still here. Reading those will give you hope that you are looking for, the reassurance that you crave for. Ahnanda does not write about that. Thus, If you read Ahnanda you will not understand what he talks about. 🙂

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