The movements of the mind

If we could observe that the movement of our minds is just to follow established patterns, which have been taught to us; and that our minds have already a preconceived notion of what “should be good” based on the past; it is in that observation how we could drop the idea of “knowing” something.
As our minds have been trained, we could only “know” based on what has been taught to us or a past experience.
This presents a challenge when dealing with the “now,” with newness; for even though something is “new,” we don’t see it but through the filter of a mind stuck in the past.

Timmy, a 5 year old; was asked by his teacher: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
Timmy replied without a doubt: “A Doctor.”
The teacher smiled in an accepting way. Timmy had been successfully mind-washed. Timmy is “normal.”

How on earth was Timmy able to come up with such a profession?
That is what he was taught. Timmy has no idea of what the Life of a doctor could be, but Timmy knows how others think about that profession.
“A doctor means to be good, important, wealthy, someone who has arrived, someone who is truly someone, respected, etc…”

Likewise; everything that we think we know, it is borrowed from someone unless we have experienced ourselves.
Oh!…Is my experience the truth then?
No! 🙂
We cannot see “what it is,” because we have a mind interpreting everything in the “now”according to a previous teaching, a law, a moral standard, a code of conduct, a tradition, a belief, an ideal etc. All man-made creations from the past.
Moreover; we believe in that mind, in that little voice speaking to us… and we call that “me.” Some religious individuals may like to call that voice “conscience.”

The mind will go to the past to look for an answer to deal with our present, the “now.” Later on, the mind will travel towards the future to control the outcome of our actions.

The above is the way our society and religions operate to control behavior, therefore; we operate in that very same way.

You are angry. But you shouldn’t be. Buddha wasn’t angry (past teaching) thus, you shouldn’t be angry.
How do I stop my anger? I need to stop it! The question arises only after the fact, after you spilled the beans and then you feel guilty, you need forgiveness to be “good” again.
The teaching is to repress your anger. Otherwise, you could go to jail if you hurt someone… But it is OK to hurt yourself! Society and religions don’t have laws against that but instead you could be called a saint. Moreover, you could go to Heaven (future) if you are a martyr. 
Anger is my “now” but that shouldn’t be. The teaching is to reject it. 

That particular “moral” teaching, never allow us to observe anger, ego, sexuality, jealousy, greed in us; but to avoid it, to run away from it, to deny that who we ARE “now” and to replace that for something which we are not. The ideal of something “good.” The ideal which is not us, but something that we need to become (in the future.)
That is the dishonesty, the inner lie going on, deny the “now” and dream about becoming the ideal, someday in the “future.”

We may believe that we are “good” because we have repressed, but our mind is still angry, sexual, greedy, ego-driven no matter what we DO.
Accept who you ARE at that moment. Observe it. Become fully aware, conscious of it.
If we were conscious of anger inside us as it is appearing, that consciousness could dispel that sensation as our awareness increases… but NO! We allow those “sins” to manifest due to lack of awareness so we could repent afterwards and ask for Godly forgiveness OR we repress the sensation.
Expression and repression are the duality of lack of awareness.
In awareness, the expression of something has a distinct quality. It is the expression of BEING.

Therefore, we learn to pretend, to BE dishonest.

Our society and religions are typically promoting unconscious individuals.
DOING is before BEING. HAVING is before DOING. You ARE what you HAVE.
Senseless teaching.
That teaching can even be promoted for the “afterlife.”
“Get rid of that donkey job that you have now… work for God now and you will have Paradise in the future.”

You are greedy now. You could transfer your greed into the future. Just transfer your greed from the mundane to the divine.
That is how our minds operate through what we have been taught.

Shall I reject those teachings then? Shall I create a revolution against our society and religions?
No! That rejection means to go to the other extreme just to come back to the same thing.The pendulum of duality oscillates from one extreme to another and so our minds. Stay conscious in the middle.
Just become aware, conscious of the game. Play it, but you cannot be caught in it, because you are aware, conscious.

Your mind will have a different quality now. Spirituality is about BEING conscious and not about following rituals.


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