Dispelling the layers of shadows

We already ARE everything we would like to BE.
There is no “improving” needed. What is needed is to unlearn, to take away all the cloudy games of the mind, to dispel the layers of fear, shame and guilt, to become aware of the conditioning, the beliefs, the superstitions. That is all. That is what some people call “darkness,” “shadows.”

Therefore as we ARE right now, with all of those “features;” we ARE not. There is not a unified presence but a multitude of “I’s.”
How could we think about changing the world? How could we think about changing ourselves?
We ARE not. Who is going to attempt those changes?
The mind and its beliefs. Someone who is not real yet.

We ARE imitations, conditioned minds, mostly unable to feel.
We may believe that we are feeling, but we are merely thinking that we feel.
How could we know anything if we do not know who we ARE?

I am not talking about the conditioned response: “I am a soul.”
Even though that may be true, those words are of not use for someone who IS not. It is only an intellectual definition; very important for the mind to have, because then you believe “you know.”
For someone who IS, those words are not necessary. BEING does not depend on definitions or concepts. It is not related with the trips of the mind.

The presence of who we ARE is clouded by the mind. Thus, the mind makes up several personalities who are continuously changing: Today “I am this,” a few minutes later; someone else.
Gentle a minute ago, violent right now, sad a few minutes later and feeling guilty the next hour…

Could you BE alone and enjoy yourself? Don’t you need someone to define who you ARE? To show you who you ARE? To bring the “best” of you? 🙂

I am not saying that we should be alone. I am saying that someone else defines who we ARE, someone else gives meaning to our existence.
That is because we depend on the outside to BE. The outside colors and shapes our BEING. The mind takes those “teachings” and will remember them, to define us, to make us believe that we are safe…

If your mind is violent, how could you be compassionate?
By making (doing) effort to BE non-violent? By DOING something?
No! There is not DOING able to change BEING.
Our mind will be violent, no matter what we DO, no matter what we believe in, no matter how many “beautiful” experiences we may have, no matter how holy we act.
That is why, for a violent mind; any action no matter how “good” that may be, it will be tinted with violence.

If we repress our violence, still it will be there.
There is nothing we can DO about that violence. We could only be AWARE of it as it IS, as it appears. Without judgment, without a repressing thought; observe who you ARE at that moment. Don’t hide in your morality, in your rationality, simply accept that who you ARE without labels.
That unconditional acceptance is the beginning of change.
That is the beginning of BEING Conscious.

You see, there are no beliefs here. No Paradise, no Samadhi, no Salvation, nothing to strive to; because that striving does not allow you to BE conscious of the “now,” of who you ARE.

The pretty ideas of the future, the pretty stories of who you “could become” are not needed for the one who is AWARE.
Only the “NOW” is there. The mind does not have a chance to expand, to dream, to make up stories. You are AWAKE.
There is no hope to escape someplace, no beliefs to hide into; but the unconditional acceptance of what is, as it is; the “now.”

We cannot practice honesty. We can only allow it to happen.


  1. Raina

    one of the best ……thank u very much,SIR
    I don’t come up with any questions now…..your sharings make me calm..:-)…so thanks again.


  2. eva

    Wow ….. when i looking for words and reassurance in my so called madness , you have been there for me timeless occasions . This time you’ve done it again . Thank you with a big smile


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