“Your” thoughts, “your” mind, “your” soul

One of the most fascinating things to discover about the self, is that after all the layers of “personality” cover ups and the thinking, analytical ego driven mind, there is nothing there, but emptiness… that is the so called “soul.”

Non- God driven religions and God driven religions agree in one experience but using 2 different labels: Emptiness and Soul are 2 different labels meaning the same experience.

The soul is the empty canvas. Our personality is the painting in top of that canvas. Ego is the “painter.” That painting may change through different experiences, different life times; but the empty canvas, will remain a clean slate. Empty.

That is why, when someone says: “I want to go to heaven,” you may wonder who that “I” may be. 

The “painter” is created through the perception of separation. The layer in between is the mind/ body perception. While many people are used to divide the body from the mind; actually one cannot exist without the other… 

Whenever there is a “painter;” Life is suppressed, for there is already a theme, which will need to be enacted by that empty canvas. The “painter” wants his own paint disregarding timing, circumstances, settings, collective consciousness… the Totality.

You see, emptiness cannot have an “I.”
But when there is that “I” then suffering will be the outcome as the “I” becomes bigger and stronger, ready to fight; for the empty canvas is part of Life, the canvas belongs to Life and not the painter.

Therefore the mind inflates giving Life to that painter, the “I.” That mind has gathered many experiences, teachings, moral standards, etc. which will “materialize” as thoughts.
Then the “I” will build a concrete persona based on the current body and situation.That perception will be thoughts. To identify with those thoughts, is ego.

Truly, those thoughts are not “yours.” “You” are empty, but as long as there is a fight for presence, then there will be identification with the thoughts and the mind.
To fight for identity, to repress, to control… those are traits of an ego-mind.
Ego solidifies in that way. There is a body/mind and thoughts to give Life to that persona.

Thoughts are like clouds in a clear sky. When a cloud goes by your house, you call that cloud “mine.” “My cloud. “My” thought … even though the cloud will move and continue on, the mind will save a picture of it and will keep on identifying with the other clouds passing by.
“MY” country, “My” religion, “MY” husband, “My” baby, “MY” soul… those are only thoughts. Language is a layer which requires thinking. That language solidifies “ego” as well. 
Identification with those thoughts/language will strengthen our ego-mind. That is why, “no-mind” is important.

The mind cannot deal with what is real in the “now,” but only with saved pictures and with vague ideas as to how that picture may look like in the “future.”

The more aware and conscious we become, then the distance to those thoughts increases and the identification with those thoughts will decrease.
We become a witness of the internal show of clouds passing by. It is not “My” show.
As we abandon the identity of the “painter,” then we become closer to the empty canvas, allowing for Life to place its colors, and then we become “that…”
“That” is when “you” die from that “I” and become the painting that you are meant to be, according to your destiny. That is the meaning of “going with the flow.” There is no “going with flow,” if there is an “I” directing the flow or believing that to yield to situations is to “go with the flow.”

Your destiny is not in your hands. You ARE your destiny. 



  1. Gayathri

    Om shanti brother. i took some time to ‘understand’ what you wrote. It is still a bit vague for me as i am yet to experience certain points that you mentioned. But i really appreciate your way of exploring life. Thanks a lot. 🙂 You can not be worse. 🙂

    • ahnanda

      To be honest with what you experience rather than to repeat what you have heard from others, as a second hand knowledge is certainly a step forward into your “search.” All the best. 🙂

  2. Shalini Bajpai

    All ive yet understood is that im a pure peaceful etc soul covered with layers of vices , personality etc which i had been trying to shed for the past 7 yrs ..but what u r telling the concept of no ines is something im not able to understand..kindly elaborate..moreover this knowledge is second hand only even for those who got directly from god unlike me..im yet to experience god and also very desperate for that….

    • ahnanda

      “No-I” is not a concept. Because you want desperately to understand concepts, all you will get is an exercise for your mind; but “you” the BEING will be unchanged by the understanding of concepts. Please go to Nature. BE there. Forget your concepts, your teachings while there. That is an experience, not a concept. Without expectations, you are open and free for things to happen.

      “You” cannot shed anything about “You.” It is impossible. Why? Because there is no “you.” Thus, observe “that,” acknowledge what you observe with honesty, do not try to run away because of a concept that someone else taught you. It is your Life. There is no objective, no pressure. Learn to enjoy again. Most believe that enjoyment is something easy, but for someone who has been indoctrinated that Life is about obtaining objectives whether mundane or divine; enjoyment is only a concept for them. Open your feelings… learn to observe your mind… 🙂

      • Shalini Bajpai

        Thanks for your reply brother…can you suggest me how to connect to god, or whaterver be its name , that supreme being im very eager to connect with.. the so called yog , communion whatever..i want to experience that..

      • ahnanda

        For you the “supreme being” is a belief. It is not a reality, not part of your experience. You bought into that belief and you want me to “sell you” what you believe in? Look at your anxiety, your eagerness to connect to something away from what is You.
        There is a “Santa Claus” in every mall. Which one is the real Santa? That is for you to find out, dear… That is your path. A belief here, a belief there…something to make you forget about the only reality that you experience- YOU, paradoxically- unaware of that.
        All the best in your search. 🙂

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