The paradox of Being and Doing

Everything we are looking for is within us.
Only those things which are an illusion, those things which do not exist, could be dissolved.

Ego is an illusion of the mind, thus it can be dissolved.
If it is “real” it cannot be dissolved.
What is lust, greed, attachment, anger?
Manifestations of that ego.

The paradox is that there is nothing we can DO to dissolve ego. You could only realize it, acknowledge it, become aware of it, to be distant… a witness… a detached observer. Ego is not “bad” but a state of being in the pendulum of experiences.

DOING something to get rid of that ego is like trying to scratch the wind. You could do the effort, you could try different methods but the idea of “success” is in fact, ego… and thus, the idea of failure. Duality.

Most individuals believe that to BE happy, is a matter of reaching a goal, an objective. Whether that goal is in this Life, in the “mundane world” or in the “afterlife,” in “Paradise;” there is some DOING which needs to be DONE to get there… Happiness is state of BEING. It is not something that could be “achieved” through DOING.
Want to conquer the world? Want to be the richest person on Earth? Want to be the most famous person? the most popular? the most beautiful? You could reach those goals, but happiness will not be in that. Why?
Because we ARE something else: Boring, emotional, stressed out, hurt, ego-centered. Anything wrong with that?
NO. It is not about “right or wrong.” It is about acknowledgment of that. Because we are AWARE, we could see it, observe it, feel it, not as a thought or as second hand knowledge from someone, but you must feel it in your skin…then, something will happen… 🙂

DOING cannot touch BEING. Ego is the illusion of BEING. DOING is the illusion of that who is already an illusion (ego.)

In fact, “I do” is full of ego. Who is that “I”?
This is not an intellectual question.
Nevertheless in our language, in our relationship with others… we need to use those words, but we don’t need to be trapped in the meaning.

If we define what we ARE, we create a “doer.”
Action-less action, Doing without a Doer is an egoless action.

We cannot “practice” to be ego-less. Life is taking you there, as long as the “I” is not a solid wall standing in between.

Want to destroy the wall? Want to get rid f it?
If you DO. You will make it stronger. That is the paradox.

Leave your ego-centered desires behind, your expectations aside and learn to acknowledge that the wall is there.
Do not run away from that wall, don’t try to change it… because by knowing that the wall is there, you will also know why change cannot BE.
At that point, the wall will OPEN and through that empty space is how change will pass by.
You are that emptiness when there is no wall.
Because you are that… there is no one there to DO… 🙂 Paradox!


  1. chandanswastika

    Dear Ahnanda
    I am a 35 year single guy following Brahma Kumaris knowledge from 2 years. I am feeling love, peace, bliss and power but from
    few months my mind is creating lots of sexual and violent thoughts. My vibrations are very low and dense due to which people are ignoring me and creating distances with me. I am struggling very hard in interacting with people and now i am very anxious as these thoughts have increased from few days and hovering my mind. I am satisfied with BK knowledge but not getting any practical solution for this particular situation. I am following the blog from 6 months during which i read your articles about awareness observation feelings and enjoyment of the life as “what it is” but couldn’t understood properly. I request you sir please share your experience for the common good.


    • ahnanda

      You are love, peace, bliss, etc. But you are sex as well. You have been taught to deny one side of you as you are “now” and label it “bad,” “sinful,” etc. That repression is causing you the struggle. It is as simple as that.
      If you are honest with yourself, you will find out the answers that you need at this time. God should love a honest child, right? Honesty is more than “telling the truth,” it is more about BEING that Truth.
      Be honest with yourself. Acknowledge who you are first. If the above cannot be understood, perhaps your time hasn’t arrived; then enjoy what you can understand now… at the end, everything is “good.” 🙂
      One more thing. The only change which is truly change, is the one coming from within. Beliefs, moral standards, Gods, etc are merely tools to protect the “child” from the harsh environment. That protection cuts away your freedom after a while. That is the time when the little bird is ready to fly with his own wings… If you ARE truly peace, you can BE peace in that “harsh” environment. Otherwise, your peace is only dependent on your cage.
      All the best! 🙂

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  2. Susan

    It is not only how to respond to ego, but what you believe you are. Belief is an ego function.
    As you say ” Ego is the illusion of BEING”. The ego is also the minds belief that it is completely on its own this is how “Lust, greed, attachment, anger ….”are created. In the murli, Baba says he gives us everything, and this one fact for me means also that through him we learn to become egoless, that is why we are not alone. That is why the ego is nothing more than a part of belief about the self. Lv


    • ahnanda

      When “you” are nobody, “you” are everything. Thus fulfilled.
      When you are someone (ego,) you need someone else to give you what you are not. 🙂


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