The Love of the mind

Most human beings love through the mind.
Their love is a trip into the extremes. Love and hate are inter-related.
“I think I love you” means anything but Love.

“Love of the mind” is based on possessiveness and neediness. It is meant to control the “loved one,” to make him dependent.
“Love of the mind” is the battle for supremacy. One ego against the other. The game of the strongest is played continuously. It is about resisting the urge to call/lean on the “loved one,” the vanity of showing less interest to feel stronger, the pose of being self sufficient.
In reality it is a childish game of an oversized ego: There is neediness, there is interest, there is anxiety, but… The outside must look “cool.” 
Thus, self-infliction of emotional pain is another indication of an out of control mind.

When the mind overcomes a person, there could not even be love to a God… It is all about “what is there for me.” Paradise, a high status in the divine realm… all part of ego.

Love is in no-mind.
Love is not something to give willfully; it is only what you ARE.
If we become vulnerable, open, then love only flows as a river through the mountains.
That “flowing” is not an effort, a “sell yourself” game but exactly who we ARE at the moment.

Truly we cannot give love. We ARE that in different degrees.
When we are stuck in the mind, then to “give love” is the game.

How do you take someone you love for granted?
When we have reduced that someone into an object. Something static, something that cannot change anymore. That is a possession.

As that “loved one” allows himself to be possessed, then the so called “love” will transform into hate, little y little.
Because a dependency is a burden.
Attachment is born out of that dependency and the “loved one” turned into an object, will be completely nullified by his lover.
That is, one Ego is the master and the other the slave. Duality.

More duality?
Yes. That is the work of the mind.

Then, the”hellish” situation above will be recognized by some sensible individuals. What is their reaction?
“I will not love anyone.” Yet another extreme of the mind.
Or how about: “ I will only love God.”
That is the extreme of loving others. Duality.
Please observe how the mind is continually moving in extremes. 

A great sinner becomes a great saint. That is a “ Godly miracle” Right?
In reality, it is the mind going through polarities. The other extreme will be the next stop. The mind drives that change, therefore; it is a dishonest change.

Enjoyment of Life is the background of Love.
Many think that enjoyment is something easy, that they are already “practicing” it.
Nothing further from the truth. Enjoyment is BEING away from the mind. Enjoyment does not depend on people around us or a busy schedule of “to do” things…
Enjoyment is to be open, vulnerable, accepting, trusting, grateful, to BE.

That is the perfect environment for the seed of Love to grow into a beautiful tree. That tree will be able to give fruits and shadow to others, comfort to many, without willing to DO it, without the “thought” of DOING it. It merely happens as a consequence of what a tree IS. 

A Life away from enjoyment cannot know what Love is, for Love is a celebration of BEING AWARE.



  1. Dinesh C

    Hey Bro, finally an article on my favorite topic “Love”. It’s crazy … I want to know about one sided love, where you know you like the person, you want to be with him, you are just crazy about him, but the he does not feel about you in the same way… we know that it pains, we know that it’s not worth keeping romantic feelings for such thing, but we still want to continue… you end up living a life with that person in your imagination… in your mind… but when u wake up… it pains… to all those who are in one sided love… 😦

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