Words to confuse…Dishonesty to believe

Being is hidden behind words. The mind will not allow a strong ego to show himself as he is. To “save face” is important to maintain the integrity of the ego driven mind.

Words can be used skillfully and that skill is confusing. Out of that confusion, ego has the perfect scenario to continue his work behind the curtains.

Ahnanda says that love is when you are not. Someone else may quote that “love is to put yourself into someone else’s shoes to know his needs.” Yet another will quote their guru and say “love is empathy.” Then comes the Buddhist mind who does not use the word “love” but “compassion.”
Who is right?
The analytical mind may express that the “definition” that Ahnanda has given is worthless, if you compare that with well known Gurus who have written many books in spirituality. The analytical mind may say that the Buddhist tradition has existed for many centuries already and it must be right…

That is how a seeker confuses himself. That is how a word, the definition, to be “right” becomes more important than the experience behind the word. That is how “second class knowledge” becomes the source of authority.
That is how self-delusion starts and dishonesty will remain in the seeker’s path.

Which definition is the right one? I want to “practice” the “right one,” so I can be “right.”
That is ego in is utmost realm.

What is the difference between compassion and love?
What is the difference between love an empathy?

Trapped in words, we don’t see the reality of BEING.

Practice of any definition will not make you the definition.

Observe who you ARE. Observe what you feel.
The dishonesty of trying to live the definition of a word or a phrase is not love. Your mind is just trying to understand a word and that is the issue, the problem…

Do you understand what “you are not”?
When you “are not,” then you can be in “someone else’s shoes.” Not before.
When you “are not,” empathy flows because you are not just “you.”
When you are not, “compassion” is there for those who ARE something. You understand, you have empathy, you can put yourself into their shoes because you have been there, but now that you ARE not… you are love.

Otherwise, you are pity, you are “helping others,” you are “practice” of compassion or empathy, and that cannot be love.

Everyone is “right and wrong” at the same time. Seekers decide who is “right” or who is “wrong” and they have the reference of their own conditioning, their own pre-conceptions, their own beliefs… That is why there are many Gurus, many Gods, many “right” paths… offering different flavors according to the taste/consciousness of every seeker. 🙂

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