The bitter- sweet relationship with sex

Sex is the energy of creation. That energy is able to create Life and able to regenerate the self. As a matter of fact, it is able to generate a new consciousness, to uplift an individual. At the same time it is the source of degeneration and frustration for many human beings.
It is the “yes” and the “no.”

If Sex becomes a source of only physical/emotional/energetic release, a source of possession of another being, then frustration and lack of satisfaction are guaranteed.

A man could be a 5 minutes wonder with a woman from penetration to “orgasm” (release.) The woman may not be satisfied. The man is done, the woman is not. If the woman wants more, she automatically becomes a 4 letter word in the world of men. Repression is inculcated in the woman’s mind.
Our “morality” is meant for a man to be a “stud” and for a woman, a “hore.” So much for equality.

The “solution” is to ejaculate many times to be the “stud” (through artificial substances) or to become insensitive to pleasure so the man could last longer.
Both “solutions” will bring further frustration and will be toxic to the well being of man.
A woman may need to learn to pamper the ego of a man to survive in this society.

A sex addict is a frustrated individual. His vitality is continuously decreasing. The creative energy of sex is wasted out of frustration.

Even though sex is “accepted” by most modern societies, there is no satisfaction out of it. Why? The mind does not surrender to the moment. The mind controls sex life. Want proof? “According to a 2008 survey of sex therapists, sex is “too short” when it lasts one to two minutes. “Adequate” is three to seven minutes, and “desirable” is seven to 13…” We are being clocked in and clocked out, just like work! That is the mind: Numbers, analysis, division, control.
The label of “desirable” has nothing to do with the “real” experience.

What is the “solution”?
Not to ejaculate.
Then sex is no longer about enjoyment, but another “stressful” job. Watch out for the moment of no return and no matter what… do not ejaculate.
Many “mystical” traditions advise that. This “method” is applied without consideration on the student’s current consciousness. It is a sure road into frustration.

Do not forget about the worries of “pregnancy,” diseases, the use of plastic to “protect” yourself, etc… All of that, makes out of sex, a dangerous activity.

A better solution?
Negate completely what we cannot understand. The extreme.

The above is the bitter aspect of sex.

What is the sweet aspect?
When the sexual energy runs up into your head and the energy expands into the environment, Nature. We are creating new energy.
When time is limitless and the pleasurable sensation remains. When there is neither need to ejaculate nor an effort to stop it.
That is when sex becomes uplifting, for our vitality will be increased.

Because we have been programmed, conditioned with so many ideas and “moral” standards, our sexuality has suffered to the point where our minds do not allow enjoyment and the sensation of surrendering to the sexual experience.
In “mystical” terms, our “nadis” are not connecting our energetic centers. There are blockages stopping what otherwise is a natural flow.
Most individuals are unable to feel the inner energy, which is moving through sex. They are unaware.

The process of repairing our damaged sexuality is part of the “seeker’s” path.
Facing beliefs, healing emotions and erasing previous conditioning will need to be part of the job. We will need to learn to be free from the mind to truly enjoy.

In a few words, inner work is necessary. Without that inner work, anything we use as a “technique” or “method” to enjoy sex, to “enhance it” or to make it last longer, will not be natural for us.

After all, sexuality is not separated from ourselves. If we are harmonious, vital… Then our sexuality cannot be otherwise.

True celibacy comes after that point of being vital and harmonious. It cannot be before that, for then; it is only forced repression of something, which we do not know about.
Because we fear it, we reject it… because we are not willing to understand it, we will hurt ourselves.

Sex could be a slow, rhythmical dance of the senses, but for most; it is the race to the big “O.” It is about filling up the belly and not tasting the meal.


  1. Vishwajeet Agrawal

    Thank you brother,
    But i think i didnt get my answer, question reframed:
    If 5000 year cycle and the drama is the real truth, then should we not prepare for it to go in the golden age or more precisely if we deny it, we will take birth 1250 years after cycle am i right?
    “i am asking this question because you have in your previous articles justified the cyclicity of time, and it seems pretty logical, your consciousness may have changed but since you experienced the cyclicity and exact future predictions.
    (Dont say those experiences were an illusion of a different consciousness, which would mean you must have experienced the illusionist nature of those conciousness in the present conciousness which can also be an ILLUSION!! )


      • ahnanda

        The cycle of time exists. Everything is repetitive. I do not know if it lasts 5000 years, but I know that everything is repetitive.

        Your scripture, the “Murli” says: “The Drama is predestined.”
        Because the “Drama” is predestined it is as it is.
        Because the Drama is predestined, there is no “I” having “free-will,” for everything has to repeat as it was “before.” The “I” cannot DO anything out of “free-will,” for everything is according “to the Drama” and all of us are the “Drama.”
        Because there is no “I,” you cannot say that by joining a religion, “you” will be going to “Paradise.”
        That “I” is an illusion.

        Because your religion teaches about the cycle of time (it is not the only one) and that is factual in my experience, it doesn’t mean that I need to join or follow that religion.

        I have discovered that there is “no-I” and your religion teaches that there is an “I ” who will be saved, who could be someone with “good status” in the “future.” Moreover; that “I” is believed to be the “soul,” but … that soul is without a “choice,” because of predestination. That soul is not an “I,” but is empty.

        Taoism, Buddhism and Zen teach that there is no –I.
        Does it mean that I have to join them?
        Self-realization through the dissolution of the ego, to be “nothing” just to be “everything” is what Ahnanda knows now. Avyakt7 didn’t know that. This knowing is not intellectual, repetitive, parrot like. It is experiential.
        “Free will” and “predestination” are merely concepts dealing with the “I.”
        Without “I” those concepts have no meaning.

        When the “I” IS everything by being nothing; what is the importance of the cycle of time? Why worry if “I” will go to Paradise? Why be so entangled with “destruction” and “my” fear of disappearing, when everything is eternal and repetitive?
        That is why I said to you as a response: “Learn to enjoy the now.”
        Was Avyakt7 “wrong” then?
        No. He wasn’t “right” either. Ahnanda couldn’t be without the experience of Avyakt7. It is not a question of being “right” or “wrong.” It is about experiencing a process, Life; that is why the writings from Avyakt7 are still here (for some readers are in that consciousness and take benefits from that,) even though those are so different from Ahnanda’s.
        Ahnanda is not interested in being “right or wrong.” Ahnanda only shares.

        Ahnanda is writing for the common good and respects your “chosen” path.


  2. chandanswastika

    When the sexual energy runs up into your head and the energy expands into the environment, Nature. We are creating new energy. When time is limitless and the pleasurable sensation remains. When there is neither need to ejaculate nor an effort to stop it.
    Yes exactly this is happening what is described by you above.The only issue is when you enjoy sex in imagination with the persons in close contact and you feel their reaction through their gestures and negligence this makes you feel bad as you feel you are disrespecting them and try to get rid of this forcibly by ejaculating it. But then also this energy is running in the head and pleasurable sensation continues. Is this happening due to hormonal imbalance? Any further suggestions, your article cleared many confusions. Thank you very much Ahnanda as words have limit but you felt the feeling once again thanking you for sharing your experience for the common good.


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