If “I am right,” I will be “wrong” too.

To acknowledge things as they are, to accept people, facts, opinions, circumstances as they are, is the single most important item for any seeker to consider. Acceptance means to have no psychological barrier against it.

We could DO things to change what is happening, but that DOING with an expectation, with an outcome in mind is full of ego and thus, when the situation does not appear as we would have wish for, we suffer.

Ego wants to be “right.” There is an immense fear of being “wrong.” We cannot understand that once we embrace the idea of being “right” without the idea of being “wrong” as well, then we set ourselves up for suffering.

Embrace the duality to make it one. If we embrace only one part, we will suffer once the other part‘s turn arrives. Ego identifies with one part of the duality and will suffer when the other side arrives. It will arrive. there is no way to stop it.

We perceive different forms. We label those forms with different names. That perception makes a separation.

Forms are united through a thread of events which will make up change, that which we call Life.

If we interfere in those events because we like to follow a moral standard, a law, a tradition; we are looking for a particular outcome. That outcome may happen, but it is inevitable that at another point in time, the opposite of our wishful outcome; will occur.

To embrace the duality as one, to step away from a “black or white” vision of the Universe, takes a different kind of intelligence.

That intelligence is not “educated” through a relationship with people in a society, but it appears once you live out of that society. When you are alone.

That is why a serious seeker, sooner or later will need to face his own loneliness.
That is when transformation appears. It is no longer about changing behavior, or changing the color of clothes to look “holier than thou.”

All the DOING is no longer needed as a distraction of recognizing who we ARE.
Thus, to be alone means to be in front of that which is not allowed to BE.

That is why it becomes so important to acknowledge EVERYTHING of who we ARE without trying to change it into some ideal, into some belief no matter how sacred it may be.

Acknowledge who you ARE. Recognize it. Observe it.
We have been taught to manipulate ourselves to maintain an ideal given by someone else. “We should be this and not that.”

All of that DOING to change who we truly are is merely a distraction from observing our truth.

Many ask: “How is it possible for observation to change something in us?”
Those are the ones who are used to DOING and are not aware of BEING aware of themselves.

I could recognize what is ego if I OBSERVE that manifestation in others. It is that OBSERVATION the one capable of changing ourselves when that observation is focused on us.
What do you mean by “us”?
Feelings, mental condition, beliefs, ideals, moral standards. Be a “detached observer,” of who you ARE as you ARE.

If we could observe how attached we are to all of those things that we believe to be us… we could start letting those things go.
Without that observation, all the “knowledge” we accumulate about ourselves, will be “second class,” a “hand me down,” an “intellectual trip to nowhere.”

We cannot pretend to CHANGE BEING when the mind accumulates more information.
The mind is incapable of acknowledging that which is always changing, evolving… Life.
The mind only has memories of that which is no longer the “now.”


  1. Jay

    Hello Brother,
    Isn’t letting go another thought in itself.
    Speaking from an experience of having some one close go through an addiction – Shouldn’t he/she do something to either resist the urge or not act on it. Having been close to the person, i understand the various thoughts/feelings they may have gone through. Just by observing them and eventually submitting to their temptation. Hope you are understanding what i am trying to describe. Would love to get your thoughts..



    • ahnanda

      Yes. It is a thought when using words to describe it. But it is not a thought, when you ARE already.
      DOING is the way to change behavior through repression until BEING is understood.
      All the best! 🙂


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