The beauty of no-words

When a spiritual teaching is meant to increase ego, it is all about “becoming,” changing, transforming, conquering. When a teaching is meant to decrease ego, it is about peeling, unlearning, taking away.
Both teachings are necessary according to the consciousness and level of awareness of an individual.
That is why, there is no religion able to bring “enlightened” individuals in mass production.
Self-realization is not for the masses. It requires an individual who is ready, ripe, full of blossoming ego, to overcome the emotional pain of being someone different (Catharsis.)

We ARE already complete, but we have acquired layers of “knowledge” to identify with, set of beliefs to follow, and gathered traumatic experiences in Life which are difficult to accept by an ego in pain. Things did not occur the way we desired, so we felt hurt… and to make it a deeper wound; we decided not to forget that incident.

When the baggage is gone; thoughts will diminish in our minds as clouds dissipate in a sunny afternoon. We could look at things without emitting a thought.

The sky could be glorious; immaculate bright and blue like a swimming pool. As long as there are no words in our minds, we could be lost in the experience of seeing. That experience is felt and thus, we will feel fulfilled.

How do we kill that experience?
When we say something like: “Look at the sky… Isn’t it pretty!”
Thinking, words, expressions will not allow us to be in communion with that which we experience.

To say that the “sky is pretty” does not add or take away anything from the sky. It is just a judgment value, a way to fill the “boring” space of silence between people or even within ourselves.

A “black or white” vision of the above realization is: “ I shouldn’t speak. I shouldn’t say anything, for that is to be elevated, spiritual.”
That is repression.
You feel like talking, for you have been trained all your Life to chit-chat to fill the void, to be “friendly.”

The type of silence that I am talking about is not something DONE artificially; it is something natural, which appears as our emptiness increases.
Paradoxically, it is in that silence when there is greater communication between lovers, between friends, between creatures of Nature. Silence is the common ground.

The sky is blue and bright. The sky will be gray and dark. It will happen. Matter of fact. It is a process. It is a matter of time.
Why then use a word such as “beautiful” to describe the blue sky? Why create the dichotomy of “beautiful and ugly”?
That is exactly what we have been trained to DO.
We label and create a duality. Thus, we choose between A or B and create our own suffering. We judge and create our downfall at the same time.

The blue and the gray sky… It is the same sky at different times.
To enjoy both states is to go beyond qualifying words. Language needs contrasts, but we do not need to believe in language as “reality”… Then we are away from the duality, the dichotomy.
Place your attention in what is, your awareness in that, not on descriptive “pretty” words…
Then communion happens between the observer and that which is observed. There is union without looking for it, thus… true union.

Oneness becomes an experience and not just another “pretty” buzzword.
Until March 28th! 🙂


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