Going away just to come back

AWARENESS, consciousness is not something that we could “create, improve, practice.”

We could only obstruct it, repress it.

If we realize the obstruction, if we become AWARE of it, then consciousness will open.

Society, religions, the whole system is an obstruction. If we are not aware of that obstruction, then there is no space between BEING and being conditioned.

Esteban is a citizen of a third world country. Chauvinism is part of the indoctrination there. Esteban did not realize about it until he went to a different country in another continent.

Esteban could not be AWARE of that chauvinism while living in his country of birth. He was too close to it to become aware. That was a realization.

A realization is a mental “aha!” moment. It is the first step into a different direction.

Even though Esteban thought that he was “free” from chauvinism, he wasn’t. Some ideals popped up once in awhile such as “buy only from XYZ country,” “XYZ country has the best cuisine in the world,” etc. Esteban defined himself, identified himself through his country of birth.

One day, Esteban was on a plane and it crashed. He was the only survivor. He ended up on a secluded island.

Esteban lived in that Island by himself for 10 years before he was taken back into civilization.

Because there was no one to talk with; Esteban’s mind became silent. Because there was no cultural reference, Esteban unlearned the meaning of “country” and because of that, the concept of “patriotism” had no meaning to him anymore. Esteban wasn’t a chauvinistic individual anymore. Esteban was “cured” from stress, from “becoming better,” from his greedy desire to attain whatever ideal in order to “succeed.”

What did he do? What was his “spiritual” method?
Nothing. Life took him away into isolation; then that which is natural in him, resurfaced.

Likewise is the journey of a person who is ready for self-realization. When Life brings the opportunity, that person will be alone to face himself; whether that is through living in a forest away from society for many years to being unable to communicate but conscious for a few days in a deathbed, through anything in between. If someone is not ready yet, Life will not bring the situation.

Many extreme religions have copied this. Followers may believe that they have “renounced the world.” That renunciation is violent for it does not come “naturally” (Paradoxically, “natural” renunciation is not renunciation at all) as Life brings the situation when someone is ready; but as a feature of belonging to a belief system.

Renunciation is rejection. To reject means to struggle, to separate, to strengthen the ego.

The journey of a seeker is to go away just to come back again, as a new, different individual.
Going away is the cocoon of the caterpillar. The butterfly is the new individual. They are the same, but they are not. The caterpillar is death now but alive in a new form.

A seeker will find himself at the end… but to do that; he needs to begin his journey, away from himself.

“Why don’t save time then, and start the journey by looking inside?” 🙂
It does not work that way. Consciousness does not change by having “answers,” and getting “shortcuts.” It changes through Life experiences. The beginning is to go outside. The end is to go inside. The process to get there is the journey. The experience, is “true” change.

Life is paradoxical… as the journey of the seeker.