The conditioning of “working towards an objective.”

What is the point of living, if we are going to die?
What is the purpose, the objective, the reason of living?

I hear that question a lot from many “baby” seekers.
That question comes from a conditioned mind.
What sort of conditioning?

The conditioning is that everything has to have an objective, a reason, a purpose, an aim just like in the “office world”: Whether that “end” is labeled as “success,” “fame,” “money,” “paradise,” or “god,” it is the same thing.

A person looking to fulfill his life through the achievement of some ideal, is living an illusion.
That person believes that life and death are 2 separated things. Just as eating and hunger.
Eating is one with hunger. Just as Life is one with Death.
There is no way to “escape” through some ideal that whole experience,  if a part of it has been experienced.

Therefore, the point of living is to experience death…. And the point of death?
Certainly to experience Life. There are many experiences in between.
The point of being hungry is to eat… and the point of eating? To be hungry.
“NO! The point of eating is to be nourished…!!”
…and after feeling nourished, why do you feel hungry? 🙂 It is a full circle.

The point of evil is good and the point of good, evil.
Logical? No. If one side is the “point” of the other side, then both things are different degrees of the same thing. Societies make an artificial division. Societies draw the line, when “convenient.” That is called “morality.” 

All of those separations are ONE. Our conditioned minds do not see that unity, but separation. The insanity is to “choose” one side and reject the other.
“Why is that insane?”
Because that which we reject must appear. The egotistical approach of man is to repress something or to force something to appear when it is not ready yet. It is that DOING the one disturbing the balance.

When a seeker “awakens,” that duality is discarded, not as a mental “reason,” such as “duality is bad;” but as the capacity, the openness to be without division.

Every action has a consequence. But to label something as “good,” or “bad” in itself, is the work of a conditioned mind.

“Could we label this teaching as “non-duality”?”
It is not a teaching. It is a perception coming from a different consciousness, but for those without the experience, this could be labeled a “teaching” or a “concept.” Then, those will be interested in “practicing” the “concept.”

The world is merely a mirror. What you see is what you ARE. What we DO has the capacity to hide who we ARE.
That is how inner dishonesty is born in the conditioned mind: Lots of DOING to hide BEING.
To be open to Life  without divisions, is the same as “surrendering” ego.
Only those who are already experiencing this could understand immediately. For the rest, it will only be a “mental concept” to repeat, to believe in, to make a religion out of it.

Life is your teacher. When your teacher becomes one with you, then there is no teacher… but only Life… then you arrive, without going anywhere…without DOING anything…  🙂