The stages of “seeking” (1)

The instant the “I” is aware of his own death, that is the moment where there is a shift. Before that, it is only the “others” dying and even though there is the idea that the “others” death means also “my” own; that “concept” does not sink in deep enough to shake the foundations of unconsciousness.

Then, the “I” experiences sadness.
What is the purpose of living? What is the purpose of being an ignited light destined to vanish? The mind begins to ask futile questions.

That is the “true” beginning of a seeker.
Nevertheless, some will drown in the different branches of society’s “requirements,” and their seeking becomes a languid question for the “end.”
An instant belief system may become “salvation.”  Popular belief makes it “truth.” That is known as “truth” by consensus. It is a great way to forge your own “reality.”

Instant salvation for the “I” is the selling gadget. The “I” must continue after this Life.
Religions and religious beliefs are in tune with this type of consciousness. “All you have to do is believe in this one, and through his grace; you will be saved.” That is the ultimate comfort for an “I” who has been lost in the “office world,” trying to become “someone” in Life.

The beauty of believing is that there is nothing which needs to be done. No change required. Only belong to religion XYZ and you are automatically “saved.” What a deal!

Another level of seeking is the one focused on “experiences.” Beliefs do not give satisfaction but only suppress the inner fear for a little while. When someone has an “experience” with spirits, beings of light or experience a different state of consciousness due to using plants and “sacred” beverages, then that person feels “special.” He has finally found something “spiritual.”
The “spiritual” finding may pamper that person’s ego. Labels are important to enhance the experience. Use “God” here. “Angel” over there, Messiah, etc. The flying trips of “Ayahuasca,” may transport the suffering “I” into another dimension, another “reality” without great effort.

The “salvation” needed is to escape from death, or at least to escape from the “mundane” world. To reach that goal, the focus may be to activate your “chakras,” to feel the Kundalini, to experience a bliss out state of not being “here,” in the mundane world.

Beliefs and “spiritual experiences” are only pampering the suffering ego. The “I” feels alone, different from the rest of the world. That artificial separation is causing misery to the “I” but there is no awareness of that yet. The “I” wants the certitude of surviving death, of becoming something important, higher, in the “future.”

Those stages above may last many lifetimes, until the source of separation, the source of desires for “salvation,” “god,” “paradise,” “bliss,” etc. is found in that “I.” It was “I”!! Why “I” was diverted?

Then the seeker automatically makes a “U-turn.” That may be the beginning of a new consciousness. 🙂