The Spirituality of “No-I.”

The experience of “no-I” changes everything.
Yes, we are One. Yes, we are God, Life, the Universe… but Yes, “we” are not.
We are nothing. We are everything.
Simple language cannot express, but poetry can express… but not what “is.”

What is “karma” in the “I” and the “no-I” realm?
As explained by traditional religious spirituality, it is an action of the “I.” That action, has a “reward” or “punishment” for that “I,” according to how “good” or “bad” that action was. After all, “I” performed the action with my “free will.”

In the “No-I” realm, all of the above is “pure” nonsense. Rubbish.
If there is the experience of heat, there will be the experience of cold. Some may label heat as “good” and cold as “punishment.” The “I” creates guilt and shame through that view of an “I” performing “karma.”
The experiences of the opposites are together. It is duality 101.
The “I” with his “free will” pretends to separate from the Totality, but “we” are everything, the Totality. There is no separation, no parts.

Life experiences, manifest through physical bodies. It is how Life changes. Behind physical bodies there is a realm, which we are not aware of. Life moves through “us.” That movement is possible through the appearance of complementary forces, which the “I” perceives as opposite and labels: Good and bad, moral and immoral, right and wrong…
Chaos is not the opposite of Order. Chaos and Order are the same energy at different stages of movement. One will bring the other, without “our help.”

Observe how day changes into night. There is continuous change, imperceptible for an unaware being. Neither day or night are the “end product,” it is a continuous.
Then, the mind appears: “It is 5 pm called day or night?”
Stupid question. 5 PM does not exist. “How shall I call 6:39 PM? Is that day or night?” The nonsense from the mind goes on… All because the “I” has a watch.

“What was “created” first, day or night?”
Stupid question again.
“Well… There are not stupid questions, but stupid answers… “
The answers are bound to follow the questions, otherwise, you will say: “ You are not answering my question.”

The “I” dwells in the mind. The mind is unable to perceive, to be aware of without comparing, analyzing, contrasting.
Fully observe, be aware of how day changes into night, and you will know the answers, without looking for them.
The “I” struggles to know “answers,” but the answers in Life are not of the mind.