The “truth” is …a loaded word

Are you saying that “No- I” is the truth? Are you saying that all religious teachings about God are false?
No. I am not saying that. I am saying that “truth” is a loaded word. All we have are perceptions based on a state of consciousness. There is no way for the “I” to change “his” consciousness, thus it follows that there is no such a thing as “free will” for the “I.”  “No-I” is Oneness. If you cannot perceive that, then free will and predestination become important “keywords.”

For instance, someone has a near death experience. His experience is not the “truth” but only his experience at that point in time. Others may have a similar experience. There are some religions believing in a God. There are others which do not even mention God. Which one is the “true” religion?

It depends on the state of consciousness of the followers and their experiences. However, many followers do not honor their state of consciousness, what they can actually perceive, but rather follow blindly what someone else will tell them, hoping to gain some “benefit.” Then, a belief becomes  more important than honoring your consciousness. 

Let me explain in a different way. Your senses will give you a perception. What you perceive is not the “truth” but merely what your senses are able to perceive.
You see a table. That is what you can see and touch. Humans with similar senses, have agreed that in fact, there is a solid table there. Any scientist versed in quantum physics will tell you that matter is mostly empty space “in reality,” thus our perception of something solid is not “true” although for us, it is.

Is the scientist version the “truth”?
No! for that is not our perception neither the scientist’s perception. It is theoretical. Thus,”No-I” is not the “truth.” It is a perception based on a state of consciousness.

So… the truth is that everything is a perception based on consciousness?
No! Please don’t use the word “truth,” for that little word will not allow you to look deeper. I am pointing out that many perceptions are possible out of a “fact.”

Death is a final fact for some. For others is a transition. Some who have not experienced the “transition” want to believe in that, then at that moment inner dishonesty follows. From that point, a perception is changed into an ideal.

When you are not caught up in finding the “truth,” you may see the “truth” of it… 🙂
Honor your consciousness, allow it to change… That is to be one with Life.