Perceptions and Consciousness

What you read here or in “spiritual” books, holy scriptures, etc. is of no use to change consciousness; without change of consciousness, there is only change of behavior to pretend to BE someone who we are not. Are those things useless then?
No! Those things influence our perceptions, allow us to see things from a different angle, but we are still under the same consciousness.

The “spiritual teacher” across the street or the “personal coach” may have read a lot. He knows all the answers, he solves the problems of his followers; however his relative told him: “You don’t practice what you preach.”
The “coach” realized, his relative was “right.”

How is that possible? His intellect may know a lot of theory, but his consciousness is the same. He cannot BE who he pretends mentally to be.

How consciousness changes?
Through Life experiences. Everyone has a different Life experience, different paths; that is why there cannot be a single “method” to change consciousness. The journey is individual. The final step to change is not the true “solution” but the catalyst. There is a background of many experiences to get someone ready, ripe enough.

My experience of happiness is different than someone else. We may communicate using the same word: “Happiness;” but our meanings are different. That is why words cannot convey the “reality” of an experience….

One question was submitted: “How to go to the subtle region?”
For many readers, the “subtle region” has no meaning at all. For the reader who asked that question, there is no experience of that “subtle region” but it is only second hand knowledge, a dull repetition of someone’s experience. A belief.
The reader wants a “method.”
The subtle region is not in my experience, if it was I couldn’t tell you. A close relative “goes” there at will. She didn’t practice a method. She just can do it.

I am sure you have many experiences. Cherish all of them. Enjoy them.
Two things I can tell: When you understand about different states of consciousness in yourself, you will understand the subtle region … and when it is your time, you will “go.” Until then… enjoy yourself…

Many Brahma Kumaris brothers and sisters, have been writing questions in this blog recently. Sometime in the future, Ahnanda will interact openly in a different platform. Thank you for your questions. Please bear with “my process” until the time is right. 🙂