Joy is not an ideal

You are experiencing Life. Are you joyful? Are you enjoying your Life?

Yes? You have arrived. Fulfillment is the reward of living Life with joy.
Let us say, you drive your car. Someone cuts you off. Was your mind angry? There is a dead dog on the road. Did you feel sad? The “obstacles game” is on. Observe how those things change your joy.

If you are not enjoying Life, then your search will start. You could look at the things you HAVE, for fulfillment: Your job, your God, your spouse, etc.

Hopefully one day, you will encounter that fulfillment is in BEING.
What you HAVE, what you DO are not enough to be fulfilled.
Never enough.

When the search is inwards, when the trip is about finding who you ARE, not as an intellectual query, looking for an answer; but by being AWARE of those sensations, feelings, triggers which are covering your joy.

The task is not to WORK ON being joyful, for that requires a mental definition of Joy and then that concept becomes an ideal to obtain…
It will never happen.

We discover Joy once the layers of beliefs, taboos, hang-ups, emotional traumas and mind games are left aside.
What we discover cannot be shared to another through a label.

“What is the difference between empathy and compassion?”
Look it up in the dictionary to get a mental answer for a mental question.

The importance of “knowing ourselves,” become more than theoretical knowledge, definitions and concepts.
“Knowing” that you are a soul, through second hand knowledge, will not help you at all.
It will only stop you from looking inwards…

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