The world of the mind

When I say that Nature is the “real” world, what do I mean?
Observe a bird. The bird flies around, sleeps, eats, defecates, reproduces, and raises offspring until they are able to fly…
All of those activities are related with other species; those activities are mutually beneficial to  all, harmonious with Nature. Even defecation has some benefits in Nature;  that is a source of nutrition for other species. Nothing is wasted.

Have you seen a bird wanting to rule the world? (Angry birds?) Have you seen a bird wishing to be famous? What about powerful enough to control all species? Have you seen a fish wanting to go to Heaven or waving the flag of the “Pacific Ocean”?

Have you seen a bird that is worried? Stress out? Anxious?
Only while in captivity, thanks to human company.

Even while there could be predators around the bird and his life is at stake, the bird will accept “what is” without the emotional human anguish that we see in the movies: “ Please don’t kill me! What do you want? I will give you that!!!”
“I have so much to accomplish, so much to be worried about, so much emotional drama left… don’t kill me now!”


Those are symptoms of living in the mind. That is what I mean.

Nothing wrong if you want to get your 6 figure job in the “Office World” and buy a brand new Ferrari to celebrate your accomplishment, so people can see you driving it… But just remember, that is not the “Natural World,” the “real thing.”

Want to run for president? Want to cover your dirty laundry before your enemies find out? Pay someone a hefty amount for his silence? 🙂
That is a kid’s game. Enjoy it. Don’t take it seriously, for it is just a creation of the mind.

Ahnanda likes to play that game once in while in the “office world,” but Ahnanda knows that it is just a “game.”

When Ahnanda observes fish jumping in the Ocean and still getting good “karma,” despite eating smaller creatures; then you realize that the action in itself is not what determines the consequence, but the intention.

Nevertheless, when we live in the mind; our intentions are hidden. We put pretty words in front instead, we put the morality game there so we look good, respectable; the “good action” for display…
That is not our true intention; but heck; “I” want the benefit of being “good”  for “me.”
Look out for number 1.