Duality is the reality of our current minds

The perception that most human beings have at this time, is based on separation. Every word defines, words make up a concept which supports the idea of individuality. Therefore, this is the perception of our minds.
For example, because there is “right,” there must be “wrong.” The separation of “right” and “wrong,” is a matter of defining what is “right,” then anything else becomes “wrong.” “Black or White,” easy to follow as the masses like it.

In the “office world,” we need such divisions to make our lives easy, thus; we need the mind to preserve our “order.”
That unchallenged viewpoint is hindering our ability to perceive unity of all.
Without that perception of unity, there is no moving forward for our consciousness.

You see, “brotherhood,” is merely a nice concept that needs to be “practiced,” (we think) that idea doesn’t consider BEING but only DOING.
Nevertheless without the true perception of unity, any kind of brotherhood is nothing but an ideal of the mind, that will never touch BEING, and without that; there is no real change. Our minds are engaged in the duality of unity and separation, for the reality of unity of everything is not there.

Another example? “God” is mostly separated from believers, outside. It is an external being out there. That is a concept of religions of the “outside.”  The label “God,” defines something away from “me.” The duality of “outside and inside” is created. “Inside” is defined through our human form, thus anything that it is not that human form, it is not “me,” thus; “outside.”  But, as it is outside is inside.

Most religions have exploited duality, in fact; preserving separation. Our society thrives in duality; through the conflict of the “me” vs. “the others.” Laws and moral codes are based on this separation.

Because of the above explanation, unless we learn to observe the works of the mind, we will not be able to perceive unity of all. It will only be pretty words of the mind, a nice concept, something to practice in new year and in some religious celebration.

To transcend the mind, we need to recognize it, experience it, thus know it. Because we are asleep, we have no experience of how the mind appears and what is “doing” to us every day.
What is the mind doing?
Among other things, limiting our ability to enjoy Life.
BEING enjoyment is limited by a thought.
Thinking that it is “my” thought, we are unable to perceive how the thought appears. Without that awareness; then the “I” is born and with that, the mind identifies with that “I.”
That is how ego is born.